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Forever? Forever ever??
Shes 25 already?!?
& shes forever grateful for her adventures (even though theyre a little different these days)
Just making the most of it at this point
POV: its 2020 mid pandemic. Appears as if the entire world is imploding upon itself and youre loosing faith in humanity as you watch two more people fight each other for the last can of organic gluten-free vegan chicken noodle soup at Whole Foods. Hold up! Thats when you see me hanging out in the...
This year Ive become much more focused on purchasing from brands that are conscious of their environmental impact. Thats why Im so excited to be trying out @GarnierCan new Certified Organic skincare line Its vegan and created with 100% natural fragrances like lavandin & lemongrass which not only...
Smiley szn
2020 here we go bayybayyyyy
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*basically the human equivalent of bottled sunshine* haha