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Long, short, or average torso? Heres how to tell! Step 1: Locate your belly buttonStep 2: Place your hands under your bust, right at the top of your rib cageStep 3: Center one hand and place the other hand directly under your centered hand.Results: AVERAGE (based on your proportions): If your ha...
Style is Style isan expression. Of who you are and how you want the world to see you. Style isconnection. Connecting with the pieces you clothe your body in in a way that they speak to you, excite you, like youre having a conversation with a good friend. Style isarmor. We wear it to take on t...
EVERYDAY OUTFIT SERIES Part 4 // LoafersLoafers are one of my favorite flats to style and wear for everything from school drop off to date night. Here are four approachable mom friendly outfits you can put together for some everyday outfit formulas. You can be creative with your layering pieces ...
EVERYDAY OUTFIT SERIES Part 3 // Trouser Pant - Wardrobe basics styled multiple ways to create everyday outfits for busy moms This style series is to meant to get you wearing your basics so you can look forward to getting dressed in simple, functional, comfortable everyday outfits. Im styling the...
MY EVERYDAY OUTFIT SERIES Part 2 // The Black Tee - Styling Basics multiple ways to create everyday outfit formulas This everyday style series is to help you put away your athleisure and pull out your basics so you can look forward to getting dressed in simple, functional, comfortable everyday ou...
MY EVERYDAY OUTFIT SERIES Part 1: the button upWelcome to my everyday outfit series where Im taking one basic piece and styling it three ways with my four part outfit formula (top, bottom, shoe, layer). This week Ill be styling each of these three ways: a white button up, a black tee, a white t...
Lets normalize repeating outfits because lets face it, when youre a busy mom, with 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, filling up your to go coffee mug while heading off to work or dropping the kids off at school, trying to build a new outfit is the last thing on your mind. Plus, if you know a...
How I avoid boring winter outfits Change up your third piece - make your coats interesting (remember the style rule of 3: texture/dimension, print/pattern, color). Do this with your layering piece and your outfits will feel more stylish in the cold doldrums of winter #winteroutfits #wintercoats ...
Turtlenecks in winter, the cilantro of clothing Unpopular opinion: I LOVE TURTLENECKS and I feel like everyone has their own opinion about turtlenecks and Im always talking with clients about them this time of year. I loooove them but weigh in, I need to know, are you team turtleneck in the wint...
Three SIMPLE ways to make an outfit interesting My style rule of 3 is back in effect and Im breaking it down into three easy parts. These are the basic ways to make any outfit more interesting on an easy to repeat level, ready? 1. Color (or print or pattern!)2. Shape - this is like dimension Ive ...
Theres no magic wand for looking instantly stylish. It takes practice, patience, and experimentation. Im Conni, a personal wardrobe stylist based in San Diego (and I have virtual clients all over the U.S. ) and I give you practical, applicable style tips to educate you on how to look put togethe...
Essential Shoes You Need in Your Closet My recommended shoes for a well-rounded wardrobeThis month, Im kicking off a series of Capsule Reels that will help you build an intentional wardrobe from the ground up. If youre a busy mom working in some capacity, or you live a busy life and just want t...