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#rootsyears | blast from da pastJasons Ramp, #TopangaCanyon 80sALVA SKATES early #aggrofish , @doubleddunc s shape @thetonyalva1957 @officialalvaskates by: Top Rankin fotog & bredj @seddys_snapshots
#lizardking |
#UPsetter | roast fish & cornbread
#SurfKaimuki | Pau hanaafter work roll| #EndlessWave #HoodSpots
#IslandStyle | How tounhook aMALAMA O KEKAI, KEKAI O KE MALAMATake care of the ocean, and the ocean will take care of you #AlohaSunday #Aumakua #Haubush #Locals
#GoodFoot | ONEHEART MxGxBORNDAYDAY BLESS @tiaromano | first foto from my going away gathering in LA(Venice gates-92), before moving back to the islands. Gonz was smoking cigars at the time smoked one with him that evening from his stash haha-#KarmaStick #Gonzfather #MarkGonzales #BlaisdellCenter...
#NoDayzOff | BikeBertsdudes mos def found his own tingas a dad, stoked but scaryFilmed by @abunaizen_7 s homies @caarzonn @tazzifrm816 | @bikefactoryhawaii @hawaiiboardtown @shittykids_ @super73
#kemuri | expression session#dogtown doodles @dogtownskate @jimreddogmuir #escapeartist #studioartistree
#BeginnersMind | ive neverbeen able to back-ollie to tail on anything before not even onto a curb. And the last time i made a blunt to fakie was waaay back in 92. Even tho its on something really small(to my benefit) it wuz a STOKINGSESH last night Had a grand rising this morning too, because its...
#MissionImpossible | FxBxFxTHE FIRST mission & personal goal in life during the time i first moved to Venice in the80s wuz figuring out how to do a WALL RIDE without any transition, something nobody else on the planet had seen before(at least in print). i wuz luckyAF because i instantly became br...
#MostHi. | watering di rootz #RootsSpots #TailTap #LiveAala #AlvaSkatesDominates first public skatepark in Hawaii, built during the golden70s. ive seen a foto of @thetonyalva1957 skating it during its construction, when the flat-middle section was still filled with dirt @officialalvaskates #Alva...
#HiSkateRoots | PxTxRxLx#PlumTreeRampLocalz @teeroi156 | #SinceIverSince #AlohaBringsChange #LuckyWeLiveAloha #DougSmithArt x @screamingsqueegees @sco.ttholloway @chrispastras @abebethel