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2 years agoI love drawing Dumbledore: the broken nose, the mustache that covers his mouth, the tired and heavy eyeshes such a drawable character for me. As an added bonus, there is a little pixie in there also extracting his memories, LOL. Hope you like! #anthonywheelerart #characterdesign #har...
I bet Im the only person thats used this sound to show off Birds with Hats. But also: BIRDS WITH HATS. #anthonywheelerart #chaoticdrawalong #illustration #characterdesign #kidlit
Father and Son. Old sketch but its mandatory to post today, right? Ink, copic, watercolor on @strathmoreart Toned Tan PaperI love the warm tone of this paper, gives the best starting point. #anthonywheelerart #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #illustration #cartoonist #strathmoreart
Dream of the EndlessI could draw @neilhimself incredible creations all the time. I wanted to make the hair big, unruly and volumetric while laying down as much black ink as possible. Watercolor board courtesy of @strathmoreart this is the Mixed Media 500 Board! #anthonywheelerart #neilgaiman #...
Sirius Black and a DementorI like drawing these moments that we never read or saw in a moviethese quiet scenes that play out in my mind as I connect the dots. After watching Percy Jackson with the family, I kind of want to do the same thing with that world. @pentelofamerica ink, @copic_official...
All Right. Prompts, Ink, Watercolor and Strathmore Mixed Media Boardand a twisted imagination. If I was going to add another dinosaur to the next deckwhich one should I add? Should we make up a weird fake dinosaur? Im open to suggestions, LOL! #anthonywheelerart #chaoticdrawalong #illustrati...
For our crowdfunding campaign, I made 40 watercolor paintings using the Chaotic Draw Along Prompt Cards for backersthis is one of my favorites. The prompts were SNOTTY, MOUTH BREATHING and TREX. The background was a happy accidentI knew I wanted that pink color back there but adding the darker ...
Gil. Oh sweet, innocent mindless Gil. Gil was a random one off sketch a couple years ago and now hes turned out to be an extension of my irrational childhood fears, LOL. On this, I needed to see what Gil and his cat would look like as Wasteland Warriors. I bet he would survive 8 seconds in th...
Another Exhausted, Fox, SpikesI love taking on the same prompts to see what else I can come up with. This Fox has seen some things on his travels and this fight with The Pigs looks like rough. Ink, Watercolor on Strathmore Mixed Media Board. #chaoticdrawalong #anthonywheelerart #artprompts #ch...
I LOVE drawing this Fox. He may be one of my favorite discoveries in the last few months since using these prompt cards. Also, thanks to @pabloagurciaart for introducing me to @freshman_biology !!!! #anthonywheelerart #chaoticdrawalong #characterdesign #arthelp
Thanks @margaret_doodles for the inspiration! What other characters should I give teeny tiny feet to? LOL! #chaoticdrawalong #anthonywheelerart #illustration #watercolor #arttutorial
QUICK! Can you guess the prompts? Swipe to the end to see what I pulled. This one was a TON of funthe main character started VERY different during the rough draft processit took one of the prompt cards (the Red Chaotic Card) to change my line of thinking completelyshould I share that page of ro...