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Here's to a fantastic start to April!Which dress from @sezane catches your eye, 1 or 2?#sezanelovers #sezane #ad
Savoring serenity in my backyards winter wonderland. Embracing the art of slow living. #WinterWonderland #CozyMoments #WinterJoy
You aspire to be a full-time content creator but prefer not to work during your vacation. I understand. Yet, whenever there's a photo opportunity, I seize it, depending on my company. Generally, I always embrace the chance. Content creation is enjoyable for me, making it an integral part of the e...
Szane boots @sezane AXELLE ANKLE BOOTSSome shoes may appear stylish, but after just one hour, my feet ache. Having shopped and run errands for eight hours in these Axelle Ankle Boots, I'm delighted to declare them my winter staple. Now, I'm inclined to snag the white pair.#persianstyle #sezanelov...
Embracing Life's True Luxuries: Discovering that true luxuries in life include time, unhurried mornings, and the freedom from stringent schedules.#2024MindSet #leisuremornings #cruisetravel #thisiswhereiwanttobe
2024 Trends: My In and Out List What's Yours?In 2024: Guilty of overpacking Trying to reform, but my clothes are clingy Slow travel lets me savor every moment. Prioritizing experiences over possessions. Strategic 2024 Partnerships for Long-Term Success. All about the Energy.Outs: Paying for b...
Discovering Szane's collection is a delightful gift, and I'm excited to try on my recent order from @sezane #Ad
Influencer Empowerment:Declining Undervalued PR InvitationsDecline invitations where PR invites undervalue your time your worth matters.Dear Influencers,Think twice before accepting a package that is worth, let's say, 100+ USD. With an hour of travel, parking fees, and another hour at the event ...
Cruises: Expectations vs. RealityAlways review the details.Cruising can offer great value, but it's essential to factor in all costs, including extras like gambling, drinks, shopping, fancy meals, tips, and excursions.Cruise ships, like floating resorts, cover accommodations, dining, activities, ...
Strategic 2024 Partnerships for Long-Term SuccessStrategic Choices: Long-Term vs. One-Off Campaigns in 2024 Partnerships In 2024, aim for meaningful partnerships by being discerning with the brands and campaigns you invest your time and energy into. Prioritize promoting products you would persona...
Walking into 2024 like Stepping confidently into 2024... Shoutout to 2023, thank you #thankyo #walkinginto2024 #steppingconfidentlyinto2024
St. Thomas, USVISaint Thomas, a US Virgin Islands gem in the Caribbean Sea, was the backdrop for my past jeep adventure, spanning from St. Thomas to St. John via a car ferry. This visit, I delved into the town during a cruise stop. Have you experienced the allure of St. Thomas @visitusvi #StThoma...