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We wish we could tell you that Waffles came out today, but alas, he and Punxsutawney Phil have a disagreement- this pic is a #tbt of him from 2 years ago Waffles predicts 6 more weeks of winter! Lets see which groundhog is correct!!! #waffles #groundhogday
Happy #tongueouttuesdays
We hope you were planning on visiting us real soon! The weather is amazing! Get tickets #animals #sanctuary #raccoons #LaughAndLearn
Rescues and rescuers, thank you for saving and changing lives, and for never giving up. We would like to reward your kindness by giving one organization each month a free Saturday afternoon tour for up to 25 staff and volunteers. Just nominate your organization in the comments below and at the ...
We try to post positive things on social media, but bringing awareness helps create change, so, in light of this, please take a good, hard look at this and see the significance of what we are doing to our planet, and everything that lives on it. This kind of change should matter to us deeply. T...
Come see us where the ordinary is extraordinary! Tickets here: #thingstodoinlosangeles #sanctuary #animals #LaughAndLearn
Baby animal education 101 at Animal Tracks. Experiences available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Go to our website at for more information. #animaltracks #animals #bucketlisters #bringthefamily #fun #conservation
Its all about fun. We give these animals all kinds of mental stimulation. This is Chatter and he has chronic kidney stones. He is one of the many animals at Animal Tracks that require special care to have a quality life. You can visit Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Go to t...
Have you met Frank the Tank? You can, at Animal Tracks, Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays during our guided experiences. Check us out #animaltracks #armadillo #visit #bringthefamily #animal #animalsanctuary #animalencounter #monkey #bucketlist
Bella Roo is back at the vet she has an enlarged heart - please consider a donation towards her care via Venmo @animaltracksinc or our website #vetbills #care #donatenow #kangaroo
Plan your visit this weekend (or Friday) here: #conservation #laughandlearn #sanctuary #animallover #rescue
Happy New Year from Animal Tracks! Sharing is Caring! For some of us, the decision to help isnt really a decision at all. Its an undeniably strong pull. Its a reflex with no thought needed. Empathy is as much a part of us as our beating heart and each breath we take.Though our sympathy can some...