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Day 6: Hanging Everyday for 30 Days Join us by following me @angela_gargano And commenting HANG below
Core Workout for any age.YES, Im on a mission to reverse this idea that as we age we cant try new thingswe cant get stronger And I am honored and inspired to collab with @ageing_with_attitude_ who is on the same mission! And the prime example of someone who is training for longevity and embracin...
If youre here you probably are working on your pull-up, want to work on your pull-up, worked on your pull-up before but stopped because it was getting frustrating I get it trust me, Ive worked with hundreds of women to get them their first pull-up and I literally know all the reasons the pull-up ...
My idea of hanging out with friends .Challenge from @jessiegraffpwr we had a ton of fun with this one ! And if you wanna hang with us too no matter what ability youre at ! Join the FREE Hang Challenge for ladies ! We are hanging every for 30 days with simple hangs to get you started ! Heres how ...
Emily thought she could only hang on this bar for 10seconds and to her surprise just watch how long she did a hang for ! Few things you ladies have been telling me:Youre nervous that you wont be able to hang that long ? And maybe embarrassed if its a lower time ? No need to be embarrassed ! The p...
Hanging everyday for 30 Days! This is Day 1 doing our Max Hang !! If you wanna join! Make sure you follow me @angela_gargano or else I cant message you Comment to word HANG below
Healthy Happy Shoulders three moves & and explanation So many of us are sitting, texting hunched over all day! So these are great moves to get those shoulders feeling good, help posture and of course great warmup for hanging and pull-ups! Its important to warm-up the shoulders in all zee directi...
Hang with me Everyday for 30 Days! We start TOMORROW as a team ! Heres how to sign-up! Follow me @angela_gargano so I can message you Comment the word HANG below and Ill send you deets on how to sign-up, get the PDF, hang times etc ! If you hang for 30 days youll have a chance to win an Amazon g...
Viral Hack #4: To get your pull-up, HANG MORE !Not only is hanging good to help you get comfortable on the bar and to get your mind and body to connect with the idea of I can pull myself up ?! Like what?!Its also a great way to decompress your spine, improve your posture and grip strength ! All t...
Are the above things holding YOU back from getting your pull-up ? If so which one ? Follow @angela_gargano Then Comment the Word READY if youre finally ready to get your pull-up in 2024 and Ill send you my brand new training with 5 EASY Tips to get your pull-up
Stages of working on your pull-up Who can relate ?! Youre working on the assisted bands but as soon as you get off them you go no where why ?! But what if I told you, you could get your pull-up faster with different drills & if you could have someone coaching you and giving you feedback al...
Never say I cant do it ..say I havent done it yetFrom zero their first pull-up I love helping woman conquer their first pull-upits the gateway into becoming more confident and opens up so many doors in life Is a pull-up a goal you have in 2024 ?! Follow @angela_gargano Comment the word TRAINI...