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Theres almost nothing more distracting than getting caught up chasing someone elses goals. The comparison trap can get you off course for months or even years without you even noticing. Ive even gone so far as to reach someone elses goal before I realized it didnt mean anything to me.Something th...
SUPER FUN PIZZA-FUELED COLLABORATIVE ART ALERT BY @maurogatti and @andyjpizza This is art for this weeks episode of Andys podcast Creative Pep Talk with guest illustrator / designer and @the_happy_broadcast maker - Mauro Gatti!In this chat we explore a skill thats difficult to practice but essent...
UPDATE: I had posted the first event at the wrong time! Its actually 5:00PM! Ill be in Michigan this Friday and Saturday and would love to see you at these story times! Friday @2_dandelions_bookshop and Saturday @aadlgram !! Whos coming??? See you there!
Any other creative people feel like their world has been flipped upside down over the past 6 months, or is it just me?In times like these, when the world is moving in ten different directions at once, all at breakneck speeds, its easy to get caught up trying to keep up. Its easy to get caught up ...
Are people really too lazy to do the work? In my experience this is not the case. More often for me its not laziness. The thing that stops me from doing the work? Not knowing if the work WILL WORK!Do I have what it takes? Theres no question thats been more debilitating.To combat this, Ive tried t...
New profile pic courtesy of @lilyglass
Ok. Sophie and I are FREAKING OUTI cant believe it. Yall. We did it. We couldnt have done it without you. OH MY GOODNESS! WHOA. WHAT!? We are New York Times Best Sellers!!THANK YOU. Thank you for your love and support of the book, your orders, shares and even more for the enthusiasm over the year...
Im just overwhelmed will glee about this @mothermag feature of @iseeinvisiblethings and these photos from @lilyglass Love the questions they asked and how the whole piece turned out, check out @mothermag s site to read it! Such a gift to have my fam / this collab with @thethreadhouse captured thi...
Portland, Oregon! Sophie and I are coming to see you next week! We have two events! First on 8/1 we are hosting a Creative Pep Talk mini workshop (for adults) at @outletpdx Limited spots available!And secondly on 8/2 we are celebrating our new childrens book @iseeinvisiblethings with a free stor...
Do you ever feel like somethings missing? Im a big believer in the idea of you are enough and that youre not broken, but at the same time, theres a way in which embracing Im not enough has been a path to some real personal and professional breakthroughs.We are social animals. We evolved to work t...
Happy Book Birthday to Invisible Things!! Our picture book is out today & to celebrate we surprised @andyjpizza with this amazing cake by @sunshineandsugarbakery Michelle absolutely crushed the project and created a PIECE OF ART! Wow!! Absolutely love it! How will we ever eat it?! .Thank you Mich...
Westerville, Ohio. Local friends! We are having an art reception and book launch at our local bookstore @birdie.books in just over a week. Hope to see you there!Our Invisible Things art show will be on display, featuring 65+ pieces of original art and sketches from the making of the book includin...