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This is something I have to remind myself of over and over, especially as an artist living in a world of big distractions. Is it really GO BIG or GO HOME?I dont think so. For me - theres been BIG POWER in having seasons of keeping my focus on the SMALL things. So take this as a sign to EMBRACE TH...
A reminder for myself from my @iseeinvisiblethings project :)
I MADE SO MANY DONUT STICKERS FOR THIS FUN STICKER ACTIVITY PACK FOR !!! Go get yours at :)GOOD NEWS: If youre a EU based and cant always easily access my books and products, this is a good one for you! Also with promo code FREEPIZZA anyone can get 18% off and free addition...
Question: Whats something you intentionally do slowly, that actually SAVES you time? Comment below!For me, its anything where Im actively ideating. Writing / sketching - these are things I cant rush, and when I try to, it actually takes longer!We need to MASSIVELY rethink what it means to be prod...
I love the subtitle of Jessica McCabes new @howtoadhd book working with your brain, not against it! WHY? Because when you fight against yourself you become a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde situation - when you work with yourself, even YOU cant stop you!This is a LONG TIME THEME of my podcast. Episode 2 wa...
All episodes of Right Side Out are now online, so the whole six episode series is now bingeable. If you have folks in your life who are neurodivergent and / or trying to creatively find a way forward, this series was made for them! Share with people who you believe in and see brilliance in! The l...
Ok, final episode of Right Side Out is out now. What were your thoughts on the project? Ive never made anything so deeply personal, and it was difficult and cathartic, but ultimately Im really proud of it and really really pleased with being able to collaborate with my wife Sophie ( @thethreadhou...
Share your color and gifts with the world This is hard for me. I often quadruple guess myself and nearly call it off before putting my art into the world. Do you do this?Today I released the last episode of my Right Side Out podcast series. Its about the thing that stops us from being ourselves ...
A story about ADHD, self acceptance and creativity. This project is all about how the first step to loving your work is learning to love yourself. The first five episodes are out now and feature clips and conversations with friends, family and an expert or two!If youve already been following alon...
Well this is the episode weve been working our way to. Episode 5 of our Right Side Out series is out now. All the parts come together, including a conversation with my mom Thanks to those of you who have followed along and sent us so many amazing and heartwarming encouragements to keep going! We...
#partsofyourselfportrait - list your qualities, attach symbols to each, build a self portrait in parts - heres mineThis prompt is inspired by @internalfamilysystems and is detailed in the latest episode of my podcast Creative Pep Talk - episode 452 is part of a series were doing called Right Side...
Collect Yourself, episode 4 in our Right Side Out podcast series is out now :)This episode is about how my journey with ADHD and my creative development have gone hand and hand, as well as a deep dive into a creative prompt adapted from something one of my heroes (Charles Schulz) said that broke ...