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How has the first half of your year gone?There are 6 months left this year.25 Weeks.180 Days.I know all my best-laid intentions havent all gone to plan.Milestones and where I envisioned myself have experienced meandering. Some of this was brought on by environmental factors beyond my control, som...
The full moon of the long night. Im loving this magnificent winter season in CapeTown.Im also loving the impetus that comes with the 2nd half of the year and putting intentions and plans in place to realise its potential!
David Whyte welcomes us into a symmetry of the heart, where what we dream and what we deeply know about belonging meet. Just beyond yourself. It's where you need to be. Half a step into self-forgetting and the rest restored by what you'll meet. from Sept 2018s trip to India
The quality of being present and fully engaged with what you are doing, free from distraction and judgement, and aware of your thoughts and feelings without getting entangled in them.We use meditation to train in this moment-to-moment awareness. This allows us to develop the skill of mindfulness ...
The stark geometry of a burnt protea
Punctuated by people...#capepoint
A wild and happy 45 years young in the #cederberg with @idale and Lukasz. April 20 2021
A blanket of cloud on Chapmans Peak
Archetypal desk ornaments
#SanPedro in full mandala bloom
3 amigos for 30 years