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3 KEYS TO TRAIN FOR SPEED -In a gym environment.-Focus on some unilateral strength in your program. Kick stand deadlift is a solid variation here. Multiple sets of 4-6 reps.-Pair with a variation of jumps with full intent.-@ryannotoole is showing a soft landing Medball slam, to slow down the land...
BLOOD WORK-Wanted to share my personal blood work as I was pretty surprised with the results!-During my first review of my results back in October, I knew certain numbers would be below optimal due to my energy levels, sleep duration (dad to a toddler) and occasional nutritional habits. -After go...
ANTI ROTATION-Most dont load up the exercise enough to provide enough stimulus for it to be a core exercise. -Usually turns into an upper trap drill, arm exercise or does nothing.-Core musculature is meant to resist force yes, but also needs to be trained to handle different speeds, angles, torqu...
HEALTHY SHOULDERS-@kfgrove isnt even a dad, he benefits from this drill too.-So could other players-Dont need to go heavy here. If you want to go heavy and youre going through a working set, would recommend a standing position and just pressing.-This drill is best as a warmup or part of superset...
What the f*ck does this have to do with the swing?-Understanding how to get into trail hip-Proper rotation from ribcage -Understanding tissues being used to properly pivot -Understanding one drill will not fix a variety of compensations from a complex skill-#golfexercise #golfexercises #golfworko...
IF IT DID, WOULD BE THIS ONE-Probably posted this drill 5 + times-Its that good.-Give it a go for all the golfish gains -Or benefits that I share in the post-#golfexercise #golfexercises #golffitnessspecialist #golffitnesstrainer #golfworkout #golfworkouts #golftrainer
FOLLOW THIS PUSH DAY-For more golf performance gains-Earlier in the week I took @wyndhamclark through this push/lower body workout.-Can follow as a circuit or perform each drill by its self.-This was just a sample of a few sets that I grouped together and was performed on a Tuesday during a tourn...
+ Family -First day of the @theamexgolf! -Walked 9 following @wyndhamclark and it was a perfect day @laquintacountryclub -Couldnt imagine doing this life with out them -#pgapro #pgagolf #golffitness #golfperformance #pgatournament
AMEX PREP-Been a solid start to the week prepping for the @theamexgolf with @wyndhamclark .-In the beginning of the week we stick with fitness things and make sure his strength/movement patterns remain solid through out the season.-By Wednesday will focus more on activation, feeling optimal going...
ANNOUNCMENTIm excited to announce my new partnership with Cenegenics!Cenegenics is wellness company that takes a different approach to longevity care and performance health. They offer science-rooted, proactive, preventative medicine to drive optimal health.Cenegenics uses lab results to review e...
9 RESISTANCE BAND DRILLS-If you travel a lot during the year and have a hard time getting to the hotel/local gym, investing in some decent bands can be valuable if you want to keep up with your fitness.-Add 2-3 of these drills with a body weight workout or to get some movement in after a long day...
TAKING THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD-Excited to share that Ill be traveling to Palm Springs next week to get some work in with @wyndhamclark at the @theamexgolf -Looking forward to this opportunity! -Best of all, we are in a position where my support system is traveling with me. -Building memories and at...