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Taking the dogs for a walk 4 gallons of water eachLots of snackingHarness hoisting Tail waggingSun bathingMap squinting Flower admiring Time with @larry.labamba @tanner_mt and the pups is always time well spent @chumsusa #hangwithyourchums #desert #slotcanyon #dogwalk #naturewalk #adventuredogs
Riding @polarissnow completely changed the way I experience the mountains. Heres the full edit about why I love sled skiing made with the footage from my first shoot with @tetongravity in Montana for Magic Hour. Shot by @colby.elliot @bradhomescinemaEdit by @colby.elliot #polarissnow #polaris #th...
The desert defrost trip with my red dirt dog has been good. Slot canyons, WFR recert, and sand everywhere in the @winnebagorvs basecamp. Sun and sand for the soul
A lil somthin tucked up our sleeve & cant wait to share soon
Walking through sun beams to the tops of mountains with crystals on the summit for a moment of awe with good hearted friends. Photos by @tanner_mt from a recent outing in a special place. @icelantic_skis @powder7 @backcountryaccess #returntonature #themountainpeople #springskiing #...
Ride my turbo, youll love it**rides turbo and loves it****loves it so much it knocks the wind right out of the lungs** Will be adding boost to the Polaris roster next winter#sled #braap #sledding #snowest #turbo #fullturbo #fullthrottle #sledusa #zbrozracing #mopros
of the Sawtooths crystals on the summit was a magical surprise to our ski adventure yesterday. Constantly jaw dropped while touring through these mountains. Every new vantage point unveiled more pointy peaks, future ski lines, and past summer memories. This day started at sunrise at a favorite ...
Top 3 ski tours of the winter (so far!)Photos: 1, 2, 3: Teton Nat. Park couloir with a 20 rappel on the 1 year anniversary of my knee surgery. Really pushed my physical strength on this day! Great kick in the pants and welcome back to the big mountains. Fun day with @roundtheworldgirl @ryan_burke...
Hanging onto winter a little longer@chumsusa keeping the @tetongravity sunnies in place + protected.Photos: @sofiadewolfephotography @chumsusa #hangwithyourchums #tgroptics #livethedream
Soaking up the sun and spring riding in the alpine @polarissnow @zbroz_racing @backcountryaccess #polarissnow #letsride #polarisrmk #polariskhaos #thinkoutside #backcountryaccess #backcountrysnowmobiling #braap #zbrozracing #brap #throttle #snowmobile #braplife #springriding #sledusa #polarisath...
Behind the scenes of a perfect day hauling skis into the mountains on horses while shooting the new 24/25 Nomads and Maidens. The Into the West Collection goes live August 1 with wild west themed art by @parrstudios. This shoot was in collaboration with @icelantic_skis, @hannawhirty putting it al...
Been walking in the snow globe lately and it feels SO good to use the legs to get uphill. @powder7 @backcountryaccess @icelantic_skis Photos from teaching and taking avy classes this winter. #themountainpeople #wearerab #skiingforall #returntonature #backcountryskiing #backcountry...