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What a year! 2020 has taught me so much about myself. I wont give you a long sappy post but if u do wanna read it head over to @americatru_photography. Bottom line is, I slowed down and appreciated the little moments. I said goodbye to 2020 in style by going to one of my favorite restaurants @ida...
+ + = I love seafood. I was excited to be invited to the new @southerleighhautesouth at the Rim to try their menu. I had the fried crab legs and shrimp basket. Oh and some rice w brown gravy. Yummm The best thing about being in Texas is seriously the food. If Im not eating Im eating seafood . ...
Forty six countries and a broken ankle later I found myself back in Texas in the middle of a pandemic. I was the most confused I had ever been in my life. The past few years all I did was go, go and go. And now I was sitting still. What happens when the travel life is gone and you are faced with ...
Show me ur last 3 emojis u used .Mine:
Im not bossy at all. Just aggressively helpful.
I was never good enough. I recently had a conversation with a friend about inadequacy. He was surprise to hear that regardless of my lifestyle and my past achievements, I still experienced feelings of not being good enough. Inadequacy is feeling unworthy, unsuitable or simply just not good enough...
The first step to healthy skin is cleansing it . @vitabridglobal currently has their foam cleanser for just one dollar! Yes!!! One dollar for a limited time on their site - in this pic Im using their cleansing balm which hydrated my dry skin. I it! ...Pants in photo by @bumbumbacan...
I dont talk about my personal | romantic life on social media. And if u ask me... u wont get a straight answer. .Hi! I missed posting. Its been a hot minute. How ya doing? Is everyone out of quarantine? #loveislove
I miss Chicago so much. .Help me choose. Which do u like best? 1st edit or 2nd? Personally Im leaning towards the b&w. #mychicagothursday
Not all positive changes feel positive at the beginning.
I chill harder than you party Im currently binge watching Ozark! What are u watching ?