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Taking these Fatbells for a test drive. Used a set to perform this dynamic Up and Outward Press. Keep the movement smooth throughout and let your body absorb the transition by slightly rocking with the movement so you dont overly stress the joint. Give it a whirl. (If you dont have fatbells just...
#happynationaltwinsday to my other half, my partner in crime, my heart! I love you beyond love!
Its time to get out of your own way. Dont allow your capabilities to be limited by your mind.Do you think that I thought that I could even budge that sled during this workout. Nope! But surround with people who believe in you and watch what happens. @bodyanddefense this is all you! (Well mostly m...
#CHALLENGEACCEPTED ... and to every single woman reading this right now...I nominate you. Every woman deserves to feel loved, happy, strong, fierce, and feminine. So go ahead and do just that...#empoweringwomen Thank you for the tags, in particular @laurenchristinefrahn @snowwhite_n_varick_n_koda...
Wow, its been a while. #welcomeback #grandopening #underconstruction
Age is just a number. Im in my last year of my 30s and Im so excited for my 40s. Ive learned, loved, experienced, and grown every single day of my life. I welcome the present and future with open arms. Life just keeps getting better.Most people are shocked when I tell them that I will turn 40 yea...
Happiest Mothers Day to the woman that supported me every minute of every day of my entire life quite frankly, even when I didnt deserve it and even when I didnt support myself.They say that theres nothing like a mothers love and while I dont have children of my own, I know this to be true becaus...
Stay True.We can come out if this better than we were. Its either sink or swim and you know what option Im choosing#staytrue #swimwithme #wegotthis #strongMessage me for workout ideas...Ive got a bajillion and Id love to share with you...just let me know what youre working with! xoxo
Day #1 workout from home. Today was hamstrings and glutes. Its time to get creative people. I used my step ladder (thank goodness Im short), tied a water gallon to my ankle and did kickbacks, standing curls, and adductors. Then, I went to my apartment stairs and did stairs, lunges, and various ex...
ARNOLD PRESS VARIATIONIf you love doing Arnold presses but want an added challenge try this little gem. You will start out by doing them one arm at a time with the nonworking arm in an overhead hold position (yes we will make it a bit harder). make sure you stabilize your core. Complete all reps ...
After a slight hiatus to visit family back home, I decided it was a good idea to get back to it with some full body movements. If you havent tried Walking Lunge Presses before, give them a whirl. Start by doing a standard lunge holding the barbell in the front resting across your shoulders. Once ...
This dumbbell row combo involves 3 different movements: 1.) a high upright-type row, 2.) a neutral grip mid row, 3.) an underhand low row. Each movement is performed one time in a row that 3-part combo counts as one rep. Repeat this until you achieve your desired number of reps. Really focus on ...