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everyday feels like Valentines Day with you!! @morgan.branch
Paris by night @moulinrougeofficiel
our first few facetimes as fiancs Telling our friends and family we are engaged!!! #pov #trending #engaged #proposal #announcement #wedding #valthorens #surprise #fyp #pourtoi
The most perfect week. Its official, I have a fianc!
SKI WEEK: in full effect!!! Visiting the French Alps has been a bucket list trip of ours for a while now and this year we decided to book the ultimate winter vacation! We will be pizza and french frying all week longggg (iykyk) hahaha
GRWM for the ultimate ski day in Val Thorens!! did you know this is the largest ski resort in the WORLD!?! A few weeks ago I thrifted this ski suit for only 15 euros and its finally making its debut (on the bunny hills first, though hahahaha) #skitrip #grwm #valthorens #frenchalps #thrifted #ski...
This airport taxi scam happens all day, everyday in Paris!!! Posting this so it doesnt happen to YOU next time youre travelling it can be crazy expensive from these average joes and not very safe. Be super careful and make sure you take city taxis only (they always have a green light on top)#pov...
Two of my MANY friends who host their own amazing Podcasts this week I sat down to record episodes for This is Fine and Divine Whining & we covered a lot Everything from life in Paris as an expat to building my own business and my dance training, these episodes are available now to listen on App...
NIGHTLY VLOG - what its like dancing the iconic French Can Can! 130 years and counting of high kicks, cartwheels and jump splits every single night @moulinrougeofficiel Growing up, I trained in almost all styles of dance and I really feel the Can Can encompasses them all! Being a versatile dance...
Come thrifting in Paris with me - DAILY VLOG!! When people say the thrift stores here are really good I actually understand now!!!Ill show you which ones I bought on the slopes!!#pov #trending #paris #dailyvlog #dayinthelife #thrifting #thriftstorefinds #thriftshopparis #comewithme #fyp #pourtoi
a little list of mental notes / reminders Im keeping in 2024: (sharing in hopes it helps you too ) - surround yourself with people who make extreme goals feel normal - the more decisions you make a day, the better- youll always feel stuck, if you never start - if youre nervous for something, its ...
Building an empire day by day, that loves cozy clothes just as much as we do!!!! Im so excited to see our business GROW. Last month @georgia_dsmith and I set a goal for ourselves to see whether freddie was going to work or not only a few days after our launch that goal was surpassed and that was...