Apr 18 to Nov 24 labiennale Senegalese Pavillon Larsenale  BOKK BOUNDS 
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To announce my next project, the painting Way-tukki: from Dakar to New-York takes you into a space that blends references to Senegalese and American architectures.Two characters cross paths : an American guy and a Senegalese. Each has his own representation of the other country. Their visions ble...
Step back to more than one year of preparation of Bokk - Bounds project for @labiennale #workinprogress #aliounediagne #Biennalearte2024 #BiennalediVenezia #BokkBounds
With I cant breathe, Im referring to the murder of George Floyd in 2020 by a white police officer in Minneapolis. I cant breathe is what he said right before he died. In my painting, Ive switched the roles: George Floyd is depicted as a white man, and the police officer become a black men. By r...
Remembering those intense months of preparing Bokk - Bounds for @labiennale Currently preparing new projects BTW #labiennalediVenezia #BiennaleArte2024 #senegalesepavillon #bokkbounds
Pirogues are an important symbol and are prevalent throughout my country. Its a type of boat used both by fishermen and by migrants seeking a better future in Europe. Even the name of Senegal, comes from the Wolof words Sunu (our) and gal (pirogue): our pirogue. Senegal is like a ship that we...
Access to school and education, as well as everything related to art and culture in the broad sense of the word, is a universal need. Its what allows children to develop their personalities, their ability to think, and their free will. This painting is intentionally more abstract.I depict childre...
Thank you all for coming to the inauguration of the first Senegalese pavilion at @labiennale di Venezia, which Im very proud to represent. Its an honor for me to be able to carry this project about our connections and what we have in common. Thanks to the Senegalese government for their trust. An...
On this Nov 20th, on the occasion of La Biennale di Venezia, do not miss the opening of the Biennale di Venezias Senegalese pavilion, with my project Bokk - Bounds .A selection of paintings together forming a four-by-twelve-meter puzzle-like display calls to unite and to cultivate bonds by conne...
When I arrived in France, I immediately adopted Vienne as a new home and Vienne adopts me. It welcomed me, gave me the opportunity to launch projects, and became a real source of inspiration. I find there that unique vibe again, the kind of energy you only find in the hustle and bustle of marketp...
Just one detail among many !I cant wait to show you in few weeks the project Ive developed with curator Massamba Mbaye for the 60th Biennale di Venezia. Its our take on the theme Stranieri Ovunque - Foreigners Everywhere. See you in Venice Bokk-Bounds La Biennale di Venezia @labiennaleEsposizion...
Working meticulously, sign after sign, as my grandfather used to do #aliounediagne #figuroabstro
Ndox - glint just closed at the Muse des Beaux-Arts de Rouen. I was really inspired and grateful to work on this project about River in conversation with the Impressionism masters. Thanks to the museum teams and all the visitors for your wonderful feedback ! portrait Carmen Abd Ali exhibition v...