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Newfoundlands Are the epitome of the term Gentle Giant
Enjoy it, all of it. Highs & lows indicate youre alive. Without em, you flatline.
Woke up missing CR A home away from home
Gratitude is the attitude to a life well lived.
I recently turned 30 & Im grateful to say I feel so fulfilled with life. Thought Id share this photo, it captures the joy being felt lately Ive also missed posting on here. How are you guys?
La vida es jodidamente buena
Discovering new sides of me. I encourage you to do the same
Pura vida
Learned to both surf & ride horses in Costa Rica years ago. This place is a gem.
Spending a lot of time in the tropics lately & look, bohdi is all grown up!
Dont over complicate a good thing - Sending you all love.
Your soul introduces you to deeper levels of yourself when you consciously decide to break your daily cycles by engaging yourself into new places, ideas, and energy. Simply put, new people, new ideas, new environments are key to overcoming your Plateaus in life & feelings of stagnation. Be consta...