Alex Khazanov אלכס חזנוב

Bouldering World cup gold medalist
Head setter performancerocktlv
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real gs move in silence
Tokyo never disappoints Battery is charging @ayala_kerem the photographer
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee Training going strong
! !
From dirt grows the flowers V15 uncut Sound on for the fight @yotam_benreuven with the video and support
From dirt grows the flowers 8C / V15A boulder that represents a level up in my personal climbing. The hardest part of the boulder is a legendary mental, that few years ago would seem impossible to me. Trying alphane (V17) over and over became a mental challenge. Trying and climbing from dirt was...
Olympic format competition simulation , . , , . . , , . ,
Final boulder I set for the national championship.Amazing learning experience and a 5 star team @stephanie.sexton.31 @giladtal @tomerlior4747 @omer.foolger @puterclimbing At @prockhaifa
Reason 126: challenge and friends @adidas #yougotthis
Flying Smoke out alt V11 Saw @hoseok_lee93 video and got immediately psyched new favorite on the moon board
Ayala Kerem is one of the world's top climbers and a genuinely kind individual. On Tuesday, just two days before departing for an international master event in the Netherlands, Ayala received this letter from the organizers. The news that Ayala, who was eagerly looking forward to showcasing her s...
Ninja moves @flathold boderline