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Kai Lightner is on a tear. When we last spoke with Kai, his path in professional climbing was unclear. Hed struggled with disordered eating, injuries, and growing into his adult body after a decade of success in competition and his path back to the upper limits of climbing seemed uncertain. Last ...
A decade ago, climbings most controversial figure wasnt someone whod lied, chopped routes, or chipped holds. It was a young woman whod savvily harnessed the internet and social media to power her competitive career. Unintentionally, Sierra Blair became a lightning rod. Today, Sierras approach mig...
This weekend I had the pleasure of climbing Epinephrine with my friend @estebantopomena. Hes an incredible Ecuadorian mountain guide who Ive gotten to climb a few big mountains with. But he had a terrible paragliding accident 7 months ago and faced the possibility of losing his foot. And yet hes ...
Sometimes we all need healthy competition. Last summer Alex, Tommy Caldwell, and Sonnie Trotter hatched a plan each would attempt to climb 9a in the coming year. Climbing at your limit demands attention and accountability, something each was struggling with on their own. Together, the goal seeme...
The highlight of my recent, brief trip to Yosemite was rope soloing the Salath wall on El Cap. It shares much of the same terrain as Freerider, so I know it very well, but it has several key differences that required an array of different techniques. I fully rope soloed 7 pitches I think, and dai...
When Kris Hampton launched the Power Company, training for climbing was in an awkward adolescence. Research and tactics were woefully behind adjacent sports like gymnastics. Gym sessions were a stop gap for time outside and training programs were the realm of competitive youth teams and a few har...
Im back in the Valley!! I had a fun first day soloing the East Buttress of Middle Cathedral and then the East Buttress of El Cap. I heard someone call it the half pipe because you climb the two sides of the Valley across from each other. Surprisingly, Im pretty sure that Id never done that partic...
Go behind the scenes with @alexhonnold for a peek at how @waltdisneyworld is championing habitat conservation and solar power. Watch the full video on National Geographics YouTube channel at the link in bio. #DisneyPlanetPossible #ourHOME #DisneyConservation @disneyparks
News flash: having kids changes things. Paige Claassen and Emily Harrington join Alex to discuss the new normal, reaching limits while sleep deprived and the calculus of risk as they move into parenthood. Hear @paigeclaassen, @emilyaharrington, and @alexhonnold wherever you find your podcasts. #c...
Ive gone up and soloed a few of the newer routes on the Lake Mead Buttress this season - theyre a good option when the sandstone is wet but I want to climb something taller (or hike a bit at least). I just want to thank the folks whove been putting up new routes up there - theyve done a great job...
@sannimccandless and I had a great date day visiting Pine Creek in Zion. Sanni has some canyoneering friends who got permits and rallied us out there - we rented dry suits and the requisite gear and tagged along. Zion was beautiful, as always, and it was pretty neat to see all the sandstone shape...
Happy Mothers Day!! In honor of the day I want to share my mother-in-laws upcoming book launch! Shes been working super hard on this book and it will finally be available in print this week. Its for anyone looking to reinvigorate their life a little bit. And Ive included a few pics of her doing w...