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Less talk & more action - the streets are full of talkers. Noise pollution is real.
Ready for the next chapter, a lot going on & its going to be a testing one. Pressure is a privilege - there are expectations, there are people counting on you, theres something at stake, its bigger than you. Grateful to have people around me who believe in me.Time to grow. Have a great Christmas ...
We go again.
Styling Cristian Romero for SWM Magazine. Full YouTube episode out now.
1 like and we drop the bracelets at 6
The restock is here, exclusively to the email list only. Private link will be sent tomorrow 7pm UK time, be quick - last time was a madness.Sign up via link in @craftdldn bio.
Fewer phrases have resonated with me as much as the Nietzche quote thats written across my back. It refers to an attitude in which you see everything that happens in your life; the ups & downs, the good & the bad, the suffering & the losses - as good or at the very least, necessary.Amor Fati - Lo...
Had to hit the reset button one time, now - back to work. Q4 is approaching; lets finish strong .
The Bracelet Drop is now live. Stone, Cords, Toggles & metals. Go grab that. Shop via the link on our stories and in our bio #CRAFTD
The Bracelet Collection. 14 New Pieces, featuring all new designs, logos and materials. Dropping this Sunday 30th July. #CRAFTD
Its tough sometimes, other times youre cruising and feel untouchable - nothing is learned or earned in the latter.Either way Ill be doing it with a smile on my face knowing that well be on top in the end, and if were not on top - then its not the end.Blessed to be alive to have the privilege to p...
Focused on what matters. If its not bringing me peace, purpose, joy, love or money then its a distraction.