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2024 >>> whats your resolutions ??
2023 was all about football, health, fitness and self development
2023 thank you
Exercise and nature is all you need
Dont be like the 95% p.s Im over 30 and still the fastest player in my league. So go and do your sprints youre not too old
Wing-back duties
Im a strong believer in personal growth and never understood people who stay the same throughout life. Ive done a lot of work on myself both physically but mostly mentally over the past few years and the work is still ongoing. I think the biggest realisation Ive had is that; if you dont do what ...
Funny story: My friend and I went went for dinner with Kris Humphries years ago (kim Kardashians ex) where he kept complimenting my arms (very weird I know) anyway this is how I trainthemI train upper body twice a week where I train shoulders, triceps, biceps, lats and back on the same day.I usua...
Yes I like running
Wait who is this blondey ?
Do you feel scared to start because youre comparing yourself to others? The truth is that if you dont start youll never reach your goals! please stop comparing yourself to others. Its YOU vs YOU Keep showing up for yourself everyday and within a couple months you can look back and be proud of ho...
Den vanligaste frgan jag fr r: hur brjar man trna/springa? Mitt svar r att bara brja. Alla r nybrjare ngon gng och sanningen r den att ingen kommer att dmma ut dig d alla r fr upptagna med sin egen resa plus att vi har alla varit nybrjare ngon gng!