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Rainy Monday After an all too brief weekend in Provence, duty calls again in Monaco on this grey Monday 1 Had to bring out the waxed jacket after 24h of solid rain 2 Our neighbor Nougat was very happy to welcome us at our country pad when we arrived this weekend 3 The 2 best buddies hanging out...
Weekend getaway. After a series of meetings at the @yachtclubmonaco , the 2 not-so-secret agents are making their getaway in the @greenovertan @astonmartin , driving into a well-earned country weekend Once inside the car, Gussie naturally had to give me a good lick to prepare me for the road ! ...
Monaco vibes The last 3 days have passed in a whirlwind of activity - frankly, it seems that 2024 will prove to be a rather interesting year with the global real estate market entering into a new, more challenging cycle, the luxury industry changing a lot behind the scenes and the hospitality se...
Back in Monaco After a whirlwind tour of Paris & Provence, its great to be back in Monaco - it feels like Ive been away for weeks but actually its only been 4 days The weather finally seems to have turned a corner, with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures, allowing for top - down cruising...
Sunday vibes in Provence After a long week in Monaco and Paris, its been great to relax a bit in Provence, even if only for 36 hours ! 1 Sunday fun on the tennis court with the Kraft pack and our neighbor Nougat Naturally, I am wearing @alexanderkraft.montecarlo head to toe plus some vintage sne...
A 72h - Paris - whirlwind After Florence, Palm Beach and Monaco, the Kraft pack was off to Paris once more, for a whirlwind of highly efficient meetings amongst the incomparable Parisian atmosphere:1 Evening stroll with Gussie through our Saint Germain neighborhood at Place Furstemberg @saintger...
A (date) night to remember at the @chevalblancparis Celeste bar, one of the most extraordinary places I have ever visited anywhere in the world ! Situated on the rooftop of the @chevalblancparis hotel in Paris, the Celeste is a transparent globe that allows a happy few to enjoy sophisticated dri...
Happy Valentines Day to all of you out there but especially to @camillacardone and our furry baby, Gussie ! The past 2 years (703 days to be precise) have been amongst the happiest of my life, after a a very long, very difficult period ! As always in life, things happened at the most unexpected...
Cruising through Monte Carlo The sun finally made a comeback in Monaco, so it was the perfect occasion to drive the freshly restored @bentleymotors Azure for the first time top down through my home town Gussie agreed whole heartedly and visibly loved smelling the breeze coming in from the port ...
Monday vibes in my favorite jacket ! I always get a lot of messages asking me for advice on what to wear at the current time, with the weather ranging from freezing at one moment to balmy the next My personal recipe is layering: I usually pick a versatile main element such as this lovely @alexan...
Stroll through Monte Carlo Following my last posts, I have had a ton of requests to post more pics and reels from my home town (country) of Monaco So heres a little snippet from a recent walk with Gussie through Monte Carlo between two meetings, enjoying the magnificent views of the Monaco harbo...
48 hours in Monaco Hard to believe that less than a week ago, I was still in (comparatively) warm Palm Beach 1 A rainy Saturday morning walk with Gussie in Monaco 2 Having a look at my Universal Tri - Compax with pump pushers in 14k gold, for me the best watch ever made by this almost forgotten ...