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New Agrimis just dropped Meet my newest adventure buddy: Remi! Lots of daddy and daughter travels coming before long.
Its not often I get to share professional work on here, but the team crushed it @islas_secas a few months back and Im super proud of what we made. Some amazing work from @wavechase, as well! If you swipe through youll see some frames from the footage we shot and at the end youll see my number one...
Maldives vs. Bora Bora, which is better? Well, it depends. Maldivian resorts are unlike anywhere else on earth. The islands are small and flat, there are no cars, no infrastructure beyond your hotel and all the hotels are really expensive. Bora Bora has scenic beauty, you actually have views beyo...
There are 138 different clips in this years video, shot on at least 6 different camera types in all sorts of different lighting conditions all over the world. In fact, from top to bottom, these clips were shot on the Sony A7siii, the Canon R5 and the DJI Air 2S. My last creative step on any video...
The sound editing process is invisible by nature, but so important. It doesnt come naturally to me as an editor, never has, but when you start to build a soundscape and its working, you are truly breathing life into your footage and its exciting to see it come alive. Heres a short section of the ...
2022 TRAVEL RECAP IS LIVE (link in bio). If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is a video recap of an entire year worth!? What began as a passion for making goofy videos with my friends has turned into almost a decade of adventures meticulously chronicled in a series of videos I call the year in...
This shot was *not* generated with AI. Thats what departure from @islas_secas looks like from their 1300 runway perched on top of the island. Probably the coolest runway Ive landed on. The plane actually reverses to the absolute end of the runway before taking off to ensure use of the entire runw...
Almost grabbed it too early Japan is the BEST, howd they even think of this?! #businessclasslounge #japanairlines #luxurytravel #beermachine #perfectpour #canibuythis
Gotta love when a good shot comes together. #borabora #polynesiandance #tahiti #shotoniphone
In this episode of useless travel tips no one needs #maldives #overwaterbungalow #luxurytravel #stregismaldives
Never met a water slide I didnt like. Bonus points for sliding into crystal clear, 80 ocean water with the homies in tow. Let this be a reminder to prioritize more time doing what you love with the people you love to do those things with. Just a thought on this Wednesday afternoon #belize #drone...
Couple random shots from some heli-ops with @cooksonadventures in the DR. Fun fact: on the first flight of the day I realized when we landed that the strap I clipped my camera bag to on the floor of the heli was not connected to anything on the aircraft after we flew for about 30 minutes with bot...