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we were born to be national treasures my reaction to 1989 taylors version is up on youtube now for anyone who wants to witness me lose my mind over the new vault tracks.please dump all of your thoughts in the comments immediately!!
Something I dont often talk about on here is my relationship with food, and a decision I made 10 years ago that changed everything. Today, its officially been 10 years since Ive eaten any animal products. Still standing, still thriving, whod have guessed? I know veganism isnt quite as ~trendy~ as...
clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in and i could go on and on, on and on (and i will)
Just finally posted my long lost East High vlog so here are some of my favourite moments from Salt Lake City and Lava Springs (aka The Inn at Entrada in St George) If you cant tell, Utah takes up a big chunk of my heart. (Not pictured: the moments in between, suffering big time with the rona, or...
Hands down, one of the cosiest bookstores Ive ever been to Its called Housing Works, located at 126 Crosby st in New York. Not only is it a beautiful space with a great cafe inside, but 100% of proceeds support their lifesaving services for homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AID...
summer memory haul Swipe to the end for a low quality video of the coolest thing Ive ever done. Just after sunset we kayaked out to a remote island where we swam and splashed around in bioluminescent water, created by an algae bloom of plankton. Like fireflies, this is one of those earthly experi...
Okay but what was I supposed to do, NOT make a summer roundup with this song??? Get real.Cant wait for folklore Taylors Version
Back to a first glance feeling on New York time Just uploaded a new YouTube vid: my reaction to the 1989 Taylors Version announcement, initial thoughts and predictions! Let me know your predictions and also any content you would like to see from me in the next 2 months
our reaction at the end During the middle of my university degree I was feeling uninspired, lost and in deep need of change, so I decided it was time to fulfil my lifelong destiny of working overseas at a summer camp. Almost immediately, I was hired to work at one in a little town I had never he...
as our great prophet once wrote: youll always find your way back home
the pitcher didnt even do a high kick?? 0/10 needs more lightning
My job is just Jonas Brothers. (swipe for a surprise )14 year old me had green bedroom walls but youd never know it because I had posters of these boys covering every inch.3 months ago I got to interview them over zoom and thought my life had peaked. Somehow Saturday night I got the privilege of ...