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We kept this one quiet as we were unsure where it would lead but back in August we were made Creative Directors of a Danish brand called Wood Wood. On Wednesday we will be showing the results of our first contribution at Copenhagen Fashion Week. In their 20 year history theyve done every type of ...
Ok..its time to get to work. Thanks to @izzydavis.ig @archivepdf and @f.liiiz for tipping the scales. #ladisparution #laquestion
Auto-Responder:Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office starting 28th January 2020 through 10th March 2023. In the event of an emergency kindly keep it to yourself (Ive had my quota). Warm Regards, Nana Aganovich
Arguably the least successful suitor in the history of courtship but after 20 years together I finally managed to convince Nana to marry me. She succumbed with a heartwarming affirmation: FranklyIm out of options.I was touched.New horizons awaitBrooke x
Its your birthday. Youre with your family. Youre happy. Its been a struggle but youre in a good place. Then you feel a strange lump in your breast. Your father, a doctor, then confirms. Not through his words but the blood draining from his face and the tremble in his hands. Lots of emotion. Your ...
Today is the first day of Paris Haute Couture week so we figured it was the right time to announce that we will not be showing. A year of Covid created too many challenges and we were forced to close our Paris studio. For now we will keep the Instagram account but the tone of the feed will increa...
Repost from @sophiecasha @hermagazineofficial .@giftnyakuta wearing Vortice . Photography @adamtitchener_ Ph.Ass. @liam_prior Hair & MU @jodiehyams Layout @djtitchener
Ok, this a more a barefaced brag than a sharing of work as its not only our first @dazed editorial but our first Dazed cover thanks to the extraordinary Ib Kamara. Our red organza dress is on the left with a Robert Wun cape. Yohji and AZFactory in the middle Fendi on the right.Photography @rafael...
The apparition of these faces in the crowd:Petals on a wet, black bough.From a designers perspective theres no better feeling than when a stylist pierces the heart of an intention and drop-kicks it over the horizon. One of Lisa Jarvis striking bio details is a period of time spent in the Tokyo un...
The latest from W Korea.Apparently when you do couture youre meant to promote the hours of handiwork required. We generally dont as we assume its a given that apart from weaving the fabric, stitching the shoes and purchasing the odd prop on Amazon everything we present is executed in house. But ...
Couture #6 Look 94 Thieves
Couture #6 Look 8Pink Daycore