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aug june teaching history in sf
breaks july resting and writing
nothing but love xoadrianmichael
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this chapter of my life is called party of four #dadlife #dadprivilege #familyof4 #girldad #boydad
interesting things happen when you share what's on your heart and mind. it won't always be popular or understood or appreciated or heard. the important thing is that you express yourself as best you can. and that's for your own greatest are some of my recent thoughts. peace + #eidmubara...
what you shouldn't have to always do.@xo.adrianmichael #reminder #abundance #adrianmichael #fylw #always
been meaning to post these maternity photos #lifewithfreya #lifewithmars #maternityshoot #dadlife #family
three more of these in my recent book, face yourself. look within. @xo.adrianmichael @shopcatalog or link in bio.happy friday beloved. 3.29.24 #adrianmichael #reminder #igotyou #fy #listentothis
voice memos for you. @xo.adrianmichael #fy #adrianmichael #reminder #listentothis #foryou
our beautiful freya is one month already and i'm definitely wrapped around her finger appreciative of all the love and congratulations #lifewithfreya #onemonthold #girldad #dadlife #loam
just be proud knowing you are where you are because you didn't give up. that's half the battle right there. even if you had to take steps back or pause or start over completely, you made choices that had to be seen through. carry on knowing that the outcome may be different but your process, your...
what words of advice do you have for a new #girldad? this letter was written by one of my students and it says it all straight from the wisdom of our youth unedited and raw and truthful and straight to the heart. i don't care about spelling or grammar so look beyond that if you choose to take t...
introducing our daughter, freya elle green she was born saturday, february 24, 2024 at 5:21 pm. just shy of being two weeks old today, freya (pronounced fray-uh) leaves us speechless and fills us with abundant light and joy.tremendous gratitude to the nurses, doctors and midwives that took such ...
today dr. @ibramxk joined my ethnic studies class. for three days my high school students diligently prepared for his virtual visit.earlier this semester they researched and presented the works of derrick bell, kimberle crenshaw, mari matsuda, richard delgado, bell hooks and dr. ibram x. kendi. a...
black history is a heart language.@xo.adrianmichael magic can't be stopped no matter how hard they try. @xo.adrianmichael when these words came to me a few years ago i didn't know their impact. what they've done for people on their journey. on mine. the world is still the same we're just more pre...