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Makeup from the other day. I really like the ghostly purples from the Haunted Mansion palette!--------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS @elfcosmetics Poreless Putty Primers @colourpopcosmetics Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydration Foundation in Fair 03C, Level Up Lengthening Mascara in...
Spent 8 hours driving yesterday for my first bat transport for @batworldsanctuary. I'm one of the very few for Northern AZ. Knowing that this spicy little girl is in good hands at the @deerfrmr . It makes the whole drive worth it. She has some possible health concerns, but I know Amy will have he...
Here is the second look I did for the Colourpop Cosmetics Haunted Mansion release. If you saw my story about how certain products don't allow for a cohesive color story in the makeup application, this is what caused me to talk about it.--------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS @elf...
Look #1 that I did with the Colourpop Haunted Mansion release. I tried to go with more of a less-is-more type look, but I don't know how to feel about it. What do you think?--------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS @elfcosmetics Poreless Putty Primers @colourpopcosmetics Pretty Fre...
Healing has been going fairly well! Today I start pureed foods (so like mashed tuna salad, eggs, etc.) so I'm excited for that. While it's still hard to bend over and pick up things, I'm able to move around more and should be able to start driving again soon! This also means I should be able to g...
It finally happened. An (arguably) good birthday.If you know my past, you know that I have always had difficulty when it comes to my birthday to the point that I don't even mention it, and don't often even tell people the actual date, just the month. Outside of issues I've experienced on the day ...
Official poster for this year's Fireman's Ball/Halloween Dance! Come on by and say hi to the hubs (@reiignandthundah) and I! He will probably be working the bar and I will be taking costume photos!
Today's look is brought to you by:- Being out of town- Forgetting my contacts- Not my usual lighting- A bad fringe day- Forgetting my jewelry--------------------------------------------- Products @elfcosmetics Poreless Putty & Hydration Primers @colourpopcosmetics Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydrati...
I'm still here!I'm spending time down in Maricopa with my darling @jaycee_singley and her adorable little terrors. While here I'm mostly offline, but I have been playing quite a bit of Tears of the Kingdom! Jaycee's sweetheart niece drew me a sweet little Korok buddy, too!
Gotta love the cropping issue. Here is some more from my Vampyre look. The poster will be ready soon to post!--------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS [Affiliate Codes in the Link in My Bio!] @elfcosmetics Hydration & Putty Primers & Eyeshadow Primer @airspunofficial Loose Face Powde...
This is something I constantly have to remind myself of.Back in the day of early IG, my posts were at the top of all of the Goth tags - that's when I got the majority of my followers. Between my job, then school, I was able to usually stay consistent and post every 1-2 days. Due to algorithm chan...
The other day before I pretty much sweated it all off --------------------------------------------- PRODUCTS @elfcosmetics Hydration Primer & Eyeshadow Primer @airspunofficial Loose Face Powder in Translucent mixed with baby powder @colourpopcosmetics Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydration Foundation...