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One of those Bitter Sweet Weekends! Im so proud of my momma. When we lose such close loved ones it becomes easy to retreat, isolate, and shut out the world that keeps moving forward.I believe in seasons of grief and rest! But woven into that sometimes its important to keep doing some things.Certa...
Let the Girls TRIP begin!!!Snacks Red Dirty Country music Comfy Clothes Kareoke Spotify Pit Stop Plans in Oklahoma for some Bedazzled gas station Swag #tulsabound #motherdaughtertime
I picked up the phone to call my dad yesterday I felt like a freight train hit me.I had some big decisions I was trying to make.I had some heavy stuff on my heart.I just needed His wisdom and help sorting it all out.I dashed outside to walk up and down my long gravel driveway.As tears and sobs ...
Rodeo and Lake Days
I could not be more excited to have so much goodness in one little sachet!!! I love helping Women feel Strong, Happy, peaceful, and Healthy!Here are a few essentials every woman should be aware of getting into their bodies on the Daily!!
When should I start my Ketone Trial Pack? Today!! Message me for getting started options!
Thank you @the_everyday_amie for helping me with the.oh wait no you were grabbing content Woman after my own heart ! We both know I would have done the same!Crisis adverted! #middleschoolgirls #tweens @legacystudentministries #churchcamp
There is nothing more Healing for the soul than when God allows you to be small piece of His plan for others. I felt just sick to my stomach driving to camp after Jax passed and just the grief of my dad. But I knew the car was heading in the right direction. I felt like I had nothing to give and...
We got in late last night from a family vacation in North Carolina and got up early to get to Lees Summit to see my first Nephew and Charlottes New cousin.Isaac Donnie Epps has us all up in tears and smiles #joycomesinthemorning
Working the wheels is a vital component if you are looking for health and longevity in life.Building a powerful lower body helps to:build muscletone and sculpt legsstrengthen core musclesburn calories and promote weight lossimprove overall fitnessreduce joint painstrengthen bonesengage major musc...
Today our Champion crossed the finish line!He fought the good fight. He has finished the race. He kept the faith and now there is in store for him a crown of righteousness the Lord will award him on that day. Well done daddyWhile our hearts ache as we consider the road ahead without him and our...
I was informed this afternoon that Reggie Epps has passed away. I first met him at his daughters wedding (Abi) a little over a year ago. The generational faith of his family was evident all day long. He was so well-connected with his kids and grandkids which was especially evident on the dance fl...