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When life hits hard, it can leave us feeling lost, angry, and stuck. But what if theres a greater purpose in our pain? What if the difficult moments are leading us to a calling we never imagined?On Thursday, June 13, at 5:30 p.m. PST, join us as we discuss the choice to Turn Pain into Purpose. W...
May or may not have gotten a new tat just so I could use this audio The most beautiful Mandela done by the talented @pamela.robertson.art. The meaning and colour behind this piece run deepIll save the details for another day. Something about the sacral chakra, grief and creative flow
Its all a risk, so choose your risk wisely! Ive been making some major school/career/life shift choices this week and its completely terrifying . Ill share more when the time feels right but for now heres my reminder (to myself) and to you that living/loving small wont save youso just do the thing.
Im learning this right along side them lately. Instead of looking outside of myself and the literal world around me for the love I crave, I want to soak it all in, its right in front of me! Ive been realizing all the ways I expect the world (and the people around me) to love me, when I really wan...
You are your own best road map. Happy Saturday
Anybody else? I love this space but I also know I use it as a place to feel validation as well. Validation isnt bad but when I crave it externally I loose my internal compass. So in the art of what I realized this week I decided to just go on a ramble. No edits, no saving in my drafts until I fel...
Its the 19th annual @telus Days of Giving Event ! This is my second year participating in it and this year we decided to shop and drop off to our local food bank. Partnering with a company that is committed to giving back feels good and contributing to our community in this way is ever better! Co...
Ive been reflecting on the ways Ive lost touch with myself and how pain has always brought me back. Though it can be a lonely experience, pain has reminded me that no one is coming to save me- Im in control of reconnecting to myself. I either evolve or repeat.
This hits. I know Ive been a bit quieter on here lately, its been a heavy season and the concept of meeting myself is coming up a lot for me. I want to trust my intuition in the small, daily-life, ways so that its loud and clear in the big ones. That starts with taking a little step back from thi...
Thankful I get to be their mama
A little reminder Im giving myself this week, in case you need it too Sometimes the chaos is life reordering. An opportunity to shift and choose and take a damn hard look at yourself. Its heavy but its beautiful. #griefwork #griefcoach #resilience #medicalmom #pain #purposeinpain #growth #heali...
For my fellow medical mamas, Im proud of us the unpredictability is real. #griefwork #griefcoach #resilience #medicalmom #pain #purposeinpain #growth #healing #divorce #selflovejourney #selftrust #healingjourney #purpose #enough #resiliencecoach #loss #workshop #griefworkshop #transplant #organt...