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not sorry. see @unsectioned for a tutorial. more importantly.. stop that old bullshit. we can SEE it clear as day bro.
in this season I would really like to have reasons to smile more. @anitraisler5
Happy Birthday ! I was gonna share some old #hiiRye videos but there were too many good ones to choose just a few. For this solar return I wish you a better 365, better memories, success on every endeavor, peace of mind, personal contentment, healing where needed, impeccable health and all the l...
analyzing life, waitin on this gummy to kick in. slinte
your Daddy is enamored by how thoughtful you are and the emotional intelligence you exhibit even when you arent feeling your best. Youre only 4 and already sucka free wit no hate in ya blood. I love that for you. #aStoryForZhuri
had the honor of seeing this exquisite @artbywak piece while attending the opening of a Stevie Wonder exhibit at @thompsonbuckhead curated by @artmelanated. I specifically want to applaud @thehoodiehotelier & @jasoncbass for culturally rich yet relevant programming on property. Go see this piece...
love. gratitude. thanks to all who came out to experience @mysavoirfaire + @maddoxandcompany brought to you by @angelaswatts .. thanks @tharonljohnson @bartiamo_atl & @remymartinus memorable photography by @anitraisler5
scentually made for carnal secrets, and the safe spaces you create them and keep them. this is not light and pretty. SECRET 47 eau de parfum. geranium, ginger, myrrh, jasmine, oak wood, atlas cedar, mimosa, oak moss, tobacco, fir balsam, violet, blackcurrant, bucchu oil visual interpretation via...
All I focus on is fatherhood, providing the best i can, staying creative, finding tiny scraps of personal joy and happiness when I can. Im not tryna be the mirror- that unfortunately YOU find troubling. Please point your pain at the source, not me. Im purely operating out of passion and love only.
Im honored to be your Daddy. So I will share everything I know. Especially about people. You are a star, you are a light. Attention will come to you heavy, but not all intentions are pure. You will learn. I will learn too. #aStoryForZhuri
Didnt take ONE pic or video of my own, trying to be present. But youll see recap soon. Thanks @angelaswatts & @maddoxandcompany for including me in the Quiet Luxury event at @bartiamo_atl thank you to the friends and supporters who came. thanks @da.gardener & @1fly_guy_ for holdin it down like...
Quiet luxury is not a new aesthetic, but it has gained prominence over the fashion world in 2023. This style has also been known as old-money aesthetics or stealth wealth and is a trend that, in essence, goes against trends.@angelaswatts hosts her first event this year with @tharonljohnson featur...