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We planted our flower beds and flower pots this week. I loved having them help choose which flowers we brought home. Taking care of the plants together all summer brings me stupid amounts of joy!
Ever since I lost my dad I have prioritized making little everyday memories with my girls. Those memories of my dad are the most special to me. So we do Together Tuesday some weeks its a bust. Like this week when Kate was the only one interested in making cookies but I dont mind. Its a special me...
A night out in AZ called for some glowy legs! If you also want glowy skin of a night out on the town I got you covered! Comment GLOW for the best body makeup! + links to this outfit
He plans and worries. I just show up. Im surprised I even carry my own passport.
Future nostalgia
Honestly manifesting this for all of us. her trying to gotten out her hands to blow a proper kiss at the end kills me.
Come at me bat boys #acotar #romancebooks #wingspan #romantasybooks
No wonder people dont approach me RBF so intense it could k*ll a man. Who else has been afflicted with a bad case of permanent RBF??
Tip for the girl mamas: I use my tinkle razors to cut the tiny elastics. They just pop right open and never cut the hair! Less tears for kiddos with tender heads
If someone could photoshop Millie a better attitude and Joslyns right shoe on that would be great. Being back home at my moms house in our hometown with my family is absolute heaven. After my dad passed our family home was too much for my mom to take care of on her own, luckily my brother boug...
Saying no to fast fashion and yes to lots of basics I wont be sick of in a few months! Ive been living in these tees with the jacket since I got them! Comment LINK to get the outfit links sent to your DMs
My most asked question is my dms answered! My red color formula! Save & send to your stylist. ps Gingers have more fun and definitely HAVE SOULS Roots Redken color fusion1/3 7cc 2/3 6n 10 volume developer Ends Shades EQ7cbDeveloper: Shades processing solution. Note that Im a natural dirty blon...