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fun fact: balloons aren’t plastic! they’re biodegrade & compostable. whew.
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I make the Monsters that make You smile travismullinsart
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I do A LOT makeup I teach makeup I model makeup I make terrible makeup videos
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Actor Choreographer Brand Ambassador
nfl apple coronausa amazonstudios
TikTok aslbyshaheem
Mgmt sheltonmedia
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Your personal mad scientist
Art Science Plants Photography Activism
Universe in 100 colors coming sept 24
Owner of moonbeamconservatory
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We are Cirque du Soleil - we currently have over 20 productions worldwide. Follow us for insider info & more! #CirqueduSoleil #CirqueWay
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Artistknitter of sweaters depicting scenerylandmarks NFS Tshirt replicas of sweaters for sale on website birthday videos and other greetings
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Toy photographer with a collection of over 12000 Barbie dolls Author creator of flushablefashion Reluctant influencer Dadjokes justlikejian
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Enquires jjhalltattoogmailcom
UVealism the takeover
TIKTOK jjhalltattoo
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Sculptor recycler storyteller
Trollmap shop and other good stuff
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Your Sun Your Story
Boise ID
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We rescue at risk dogs cats specializing in bully breed small breed dogs
Venmo luvabledogrescue
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Illusionist, Escapologist & World Traveler. Bookings⬇️
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Not once has Rikey Austin (@alicesbearshop) given up on a teddy bear. When pets strike or time leaves them in bits, Rikey of Alices Bear Shop restores st animals to good health for children and adults alike. Each patient is diagnosed and given appropriate love and care. She believes that memories...
Otto Baxter is a member of Drag Syndrome (@dragsyndrome), the worlds first professional drag troupe where all members have Down syndrome. Based in England, Baxter travels across Europe as Horrora Shebang, a drag personality and image that he has invented from sparkle beard, to snatched pearls, an...
Pavan Dhanjal @pavanhennabar is the Worlds Fastest Henna Artist, holding the Guinness World Record for her artistry with the temporary body tattoos, also known as mehndi. Dhanjal believes that wearing henna tattoos is cultural appreciation, not appropriation and that henna should be accessible t...
Liesl Wilhardt wants to change public perception of pit bulls, a breed often surrendered to shelters and euthanized. In a village built by Luvable Dog Rescue @luvabledogrescue for pit bulls and other dogs (each pup gets their own house) shes both saving dogs from death row and working to break th...
Tamekia Swint is the owner of Stylez 4 Kids (@styles4kidznfp), a hair salon outside of Chicago, Illinois that teaches transracial families how to care for black hair. In this safe space, mixed race, foster and adoptive kids are empowered to love their natural hair and parents can learn how to sty...
Micah Truman founded Return Home @returnhomenor a burial company that composts human remains into soil. Legal in some U.S. states, this is a sustainable alternative to cremation and allows individuals to give back to the earth as their final act.#compost #soil #sustainable #burial #death
Andy Duran from Oakland founded Chub Rollz, a skateboarding crew without weight limits, after his own experiences skateboarding showed him the lack of inclusivity for larger sizes in the sport. In Chub Rollzs nurturing environment, anyone overweight or not can learn to skate without fear of bei...
Rob Kenney, aka the Internets Dad, decided to become the role model he never had after his own father left him in his early teens. His Dad, How Do I video series and channel teaches viewers how to do everyday adulting tasks like cooking and changing a tire. Kenney is now a father to more than 3 m...
A leftie, a rightie, a Swiftie, and a baddie, Dutch ambidextrous artist Rajacenna creates her own world through her drawings which she masterfully executes with both hands, simultaneously.#ambidextrous #artist #ambidexterity #drawings @rajacenna @drawings
Patrick Johnston @patrickjohnstonceramics started the Temple of Mediclaytion @templeofmediclaytion in Venice Beach to create what he lacked in his early life, hugs. The artist hosts classes five nights a week in which his students conclude the lesson by hugging their completed pot. What started a...
Underwater escape artist Matt Johnson (@likemattjohnson) found escapology through a personal search for understanding. The magician wanted to understand the feeling of what his brother, who has a rare disease, goes through.#escapeartist #illusionist #performer #breathwork #magician #entertainer #...
Most are no match for speed typist Hunter Shaffers lightning fingers. Shaffer was born with brittle bone disorder, otherwise known as osteogenesis imperfecta type III, and feeds his competitive spirit with record typing speeds of up to 227 words per minute. #speed #keyboard #competition #osteogen...