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We like to consider our daily cleanups to be small acts of kindness that make a big difference. Just how a single drop can create ripples across a river. Our mission is to end the ocean plastic crisis, and to make our oceans and world a better place, one piece of trash at a time #cleanup #enviro...
On National Rum Punch Day; were raising a glass in honor of our friends @mountgayrum who have pulled more than 150,000 pounds of trash from the worlds oceans, rivers, and coastlines as a Certified Cleanup Partner.Celebrate cleaner oceans with the Original Rum Punch, a classic Mount Gay cocktail. ...
Did you know that every day, Americans alone use enough straws to fill up more than 127 school buses per day? Many of these straws end up in our oceans, harming marine life and polluting our beloved ocean. With every straw we collect, we're one step closer to a cleaner, healthier ocean. Let's i...
7 hours & 7 team members later, we pulled 1,834 pounds of trash from Pacemangan Beach It was an awe-inspiring sight to see the beach restored to its pristine state, free from the debris that had once littered it.#Bali #SavingTheOcean #4ocean
BeforeAfter POV: Join our Bali team for a river cleanup
It's International Coastal Cleanup Day Last year, 94,000 volunteers picked up over 20 million pounds of trash in over 100 countries. Can we do more this year? We want to see you pulling pounds today! Whether that's at the beach, in a park, or even in your backyard. Tag us @4ocean, & use #4ocea...
Let's dive in and make a splash for a better world! Who's in? #4ocean #nosingleuseplastic
NYC's new Skip the Stuff law The law minimizes waste by prohibiting restaurants from automatically providing take-out items. The aim is to encourage customers to take only necessary things and reduce unnecessary consumption of single-use plastic. You can read the complete article by clicking on ...
Multiply Group knows the value of a well-placed investment. Thats why theyre teaming up with 4ocean to clean the ocean!As a Certified Cleanup Partner, @MultiplyGroupAe has already removed 30,000 pounds of plastic and other man-made debris from the worlds oceans, rivers, and coastlines.This is a c...
Did you hear about NYC's new law Skip the Stuff? It's all about reducing waste by banning restaurants from automatically giving out take-out items like utensils, condiments, napkins, and extra containers. These items can still be provided upon request, but the hope is that it will encourage cust...
Our River team makes up 1 of 8 teams located in BaliDuring this cleanup in the Gelondong River, our team was able to pull 2,010 pounds of trash.This is what our cleanup crews around the world are doing every single day thanks to your support