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Defining the boundaries of audio excellence and luxury sound since 1949 Handcrafted in the USA
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A leading live performance space and charity for young people
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24th August Victoria Park London
Tickets on sale now
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Sign up for the summer. 2manydjs (DJ Set) at Field Day, Victoria Park, London. August 24, 2024. Tickets just went live over at @fielddayfestivals #FieldDayFestivals #Summer #2024
Second night of the second month. Sign up to the @soulwaxofficial mailing list by 4pm UK time on Thursday 11th January and be ready for the ticket release. Moth Club aftershow with @2manydjs (thats us) and @asamoto101. #fightfortheright #to #aftershowparty
The disco ball is coming home. 10 years since Despacio began, London, New York, LA, Miami and Barcelona all took turns on the slow world tour / dance floor. Now its Belgium. The Wintercircus in Ghent. 16 and 17 March 2024. @2manydjs and James Murphy and 50,000 watts of sound surrounding. Tickets ...
Well that escalated quickly! For the first time ever, @2manydjs and James @lcdsoundsystem Murphy are bringing @despacioishappiness to Belgium. The trios trailblazing and world-renowned immersive sound experience often described as the worlds best sound system is hitting @wintercircusghent on 16...
Tickets released today. Like doves. @2manydjs (LIVE) in Brazil at the C6 Festival - May 18th 2024. See you in Sao Paolo. @c6fest for earliest booking. #C6 #LIVE #SaoPaolo
For the first ever we are playing New Years Eve and New Years Eve Eve. Come to both nights and it will be 2025 when you wake up! Tickets on sale now for @lcdsoundsystem and @peachesnisker and #us. In San Francisco for the last two nights of the year. #lcdsoundsystem #peaches #2manydjs #tickets #a...
In the building. Upstream today for first time the @tiga @turborecordings WOKE @2manydjs (Edit). #listen #to #it #now
Friday night. November 10th at @kompassklub Ghent. With @optimoespacio @swornvirgins89 @eclairfifi @asamoto101 @misskittinofficial @johnnoseda @djbearsome @kenny.montana_ @thang_official #tickets #now #selling #fast
New news from next year just in. @2manydjs (thats us) playing Snar Lisboa with @eclairfifi and @erolalkan. Last few Full Festival Passes available at first release price at sonarlisboa.pt.#sonarlisboa #sonar2024 #sonarfestival
10 years passed. Lou Reed. With love from the record wall in the DEEWEE vinyl library. #LouReed #RIP #tenyearstoday
Playing at home. At @kompassklub Ghent on 10th November of this year! Longest line up with @optimoespacio @swornvirgins89 @eclairfifi @asamoto101 @misskittinofficial @johnnoseda @djbearsome @kenny.montana_ @thang_official and us too somewhere lowdown in the mix. #got #to #love #ghent
DEC 16th! Make your own cards this year and spend all the money you save on TICKETS! The @2manydjs (thats us) BUGGED OUT Christmas Party at @electricbrixtonofficial. With @erolalkan @michelle_manetti @fall.forward all at @buggedoutclub #buggedout #donotmakeyourownticketsthatwontworkON SALE NOW. L...