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Happy Mothers Day to the woman who taught me the meaning of unconditional love
Feelin #handsome. See u tn Seattle
1. The silhouette 2. Bar for bar imma tell u this before I play u some unreleased lol3. My baby 4. Pre show warmups 5. Lil sum sum for tour6. IYKYK7. Me for @fengchenwang 8. Just watched the basquiat movie and the cast is crazyyy. They got david Bowie, Jeffrey wright, Gary oldman, hella heads wh...
Who decides what is truly beautiful?
Feel the unreal. All around the world. @jdsportsus #jdsports #globalaccess #airmaxdn #amdn
Part 6 - The Cable Car And while so much has changed, not everything hasTo me, thats the coolest part of getting older: being able to CHOOSE what traditions, values, traits, habits we wanna take with us from the past into the future. Even though some corners of my city look completely alien to me...
Meet me there? Tickets LIVE rn @
rush (live) @ Sony studiosout now on my YouTube
Part 5 - Chinatown The biggest thing I got from my city was perspective. So many different cultures, backgrounds, philosophies all jam packed into 1 city. I got to meet people from everywhere in the world, listen to different kinds of music, taste every type of cuisine and absorb what resonated w...
7 songs, 7 videos.A taste of whats to comeGrowing Pains LIVE from Sony Studios out now, see you on the road
1. 6 months of guitar lessons looks good on me2. A beautiful creation one of u beautiful people made3. I wanted this jacket for yearssss and now its finally mine4. Cultural icon @1freediddybop and 24kGoldn circa 20245. Gettin ready for tour!!6. BTS of this short film my friend @mooch cast me in. ...
Part 4 - Sutro Baths One of the sickest places San Francisco I never got to actually see at its peak. This spot used to have ice skating, swimming, dances, damn near any activity you could imagine they had it. Unfortunately it burned down long before I was born and from the ashes rose a new type ...