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Took a little break from the Grind, and today were back with SEASON 2 of $180 and a Dream podcast..Tons of new guests, new information, energy packed episodes to kickstart your day successfully. ..#180andadream #podcast #entrepreneur #clothingline #cutandsew #lifestylebrand #mensclothing #c10 #ch...
This week for your Wednesday Wake Up i attacked something personal and close to me...Many influential people will tell you to not be afraid or to be bigger than that. I have always promised transparency and i go into how i utilize Fear to be one of my greatest assets...I cant tell you that fear k...
Coffees for closers part II IS NOW LIVE! .Ignite your sales force within your stale business.. real life examples of misjudging the sale, setting a ceiling, and general ways your employees or staff are losing money...Rise to the occasion, make your business standout, be a better employee, make mo...
Are you using the term Small Business as an excuse ? ..Poor service, poor communication, lackluster effort, slow turn times, and bad attitude are all symptoms of burnt out and plateauing or failing businesses...Its not the economy, its not your employees, its you...Episode 25- SURVIVING AND THRIV...
TODAY 9AM PST- .Epic Party Shirt @dixxon_flannel_co presents the work of @renderingsbytristan showing off legendary builds by @delmospeed @lolometalsmith @stonerspeedshop @brokenbonesgarage @slamd_mag @floairride @arclightfab ..GOES LIVE TODAY 9AM PST
The finale of From the Very Beginning just went live...A story of someone who refused to give up and refused to do it the way everyone said it had to be done..A husband and wife power duo that stuck it out to ensure the future looked bright.And its not over. That work continues harder than ever.
@dannydixxon and @delmospeed sit down to discuss business, passion projects, making the jump, and everything in between..Take a behind the scenes listen to the story of @delmospeed and how he became known for the details. What an incredible journey!!!! ..FRIDAY MORNING$180 and a Dream PodcastiTun...
This pic was taken in 2015, and going through some oldies as the new podcast launched this morning called Struggle Breeds Greatness.Available on iTunes, Spotify, by searching $180 and a Dream or stream it on the website at 180AndaDream.Com...You see, most entrepreneurs or leaders are afraid to ta...
Are you broke? .Its your fault...Want to know how to change it?..DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE
Lighten your Friday up! With some comedic relief with @dannydixxon @black.trav and @justin.dfc ..Episode 13 THE LOST EPISODE full of outtakes and hilarious segments
LIVE NOW- this morning i sit down and interview my mother. Some business, some background, and a tonnnn of stories having to do with principals, cops, and judges. ..Inside look at my relationship with the woman who taught me some of the most important things in my life. .Live now on ITUNES & SPOT...