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Ways of creating shareable content

The businesses that make it in the social media world, think like a BRAND. There’s a difference. A business produces product or service. A brand is the image and “personality” that your company has.

Everything you say and do online is a representation of your brand and so the quality of your content will (in secret) say more about you than your website will. Just like that clean cut guy who turns up for the interview with a stellar record and then the employer takes a glance at his Facebook…

Here are a few creative ways of generating content for your social media…

1) “Content Creators” - exchange product or service

There are many online voices, who are not exactly “influencers” yet (as they haven’t acquired an audience)… and still shoot incredible content. Reach out to those individuals. Given they’re not “influencers” just yet, they’re purchasing the products they shoot. Instead, offer your products or service in exchange for high res photographs for your socials.  

2) Search for “what's next”… in the shareable world

Rainbow bagels, lipstick “swatching”, galaxy donuts or binge watching humorous YouTube clips (with some subtle or not so subtle) product placement. Content that hasn’t been seen all that much, tends to generate better engagement across social media.

Have your finger on the pulse, and follow popular Instagram accounts from other countries to see what’s trending there. Has it been brought to your country yet? Did a creative genius style something beautifully that you’d like to make a rendition of?

Don’t forget to credit that person as your “inspiration”.

3) Use “Google” or “Talkwalker” alerts

If you “share” articles across your Linked In or Facebook or simply write your own articles, google or talkwalker alerts scan the internet for relevant topics you may be interested in. This allows you to stay “in the know”. Learn what’s happening in your market and what topics your audience is most interested in hearing about.

We also read Twitter streams and comments on Facebook updates – find what people want!!!

4) Trade skills

If your videography skills are incredible or you’re particularly skilled at copywriting, offer your services in exchange for exposure, or photography, or anything else that, that particular brand NEEDS. It must be WIN-WIN across both brands - not just asking for a freebie. There are many more ways than having a “budget spend” to work a business... it’s called hustle!