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Being a brand that embraces change - Influencers to launch 10 new Mac cosmetics lipsticks

Influencer 10 Mac Products

A brand that’s been around since 1984 has successfully done so by being able to embrace change. In Spring 2016, MAC Cosmetics announced a partnership with Caitlin Jenner on a “Finally Free” range. In 2011, they teamed up with beauty blogger to release a collection of eye shadows. 

Cue 2017, and the Global MAC team have renewed their image by teaming up with 10 Instagram beauty influencers from across the globe - cleverily keeping existing AND acquiring new millenial customers. 

Senior vice president of public relations Catherine Bomboy Dougherty outlines that Mac’s progressive attitude is the foundation of the brand.

Essentially each of these influencers have a collective Instagram following of 11.7 million, not to mention their Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat mediums in which they’ll showcase the lipstick shades they created. No doubt, global media will also pick up the story - not bad for embracing a lil' social change! 

One finds it laughable when brands criticise the cost of influencers given their social reach, their ability to generate sales as well as providing “legitimacy” for a brand's reputation... as much as any $200,000 TVC would! 

Are you placing yourself where your customers are?

See the MAC X Influencer collaborations below!

1) Caro Daur from Germany opted for a warm, brown-toned nude – her inspiration, Cinnamon. 

2) Gabriel Zamora from the USA crafted a caramel-coloured nude sharing the hashtag #MACxGabrielZamora

3) Fleur de Force from the UK aimed for the shade of her lips, but better! A deep nude. 

4) Victoria Ceridono in Brazil created a classic red -  the only influencer who varied from a nude shade! 

5) Alessandra Steinherr in the UK aimed for a “universally flattering natural shade” with pinky flesh undertones

6) Nikkia Joy from Australia opted for a matte nude! 

7) Samantha Ravndahl in Canada chose a sheer pink, focusing on the quick and easy things women do, to make themselves feel better!

8) Fouz AlFahad in the Middle East created a deep rose matte, representing the hardworking and independent changes of younger women in the Middle East

9) Laura Lee in the USA opted for a a nudish colour with cool undertones

10) Marie Lopez in France – a caramel toned nude – the only influencer to select MAC’s Glaze formula