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BOOKS OFFICIALLY OPEN My books are officially open & I am now taking clients for tattoos @roughridetattooparlor DM me to book your appointment or if you have any questions!Never give up.. Sometimes its the last key on the ring that opens the door.
Finished this a few days and kept forgetting to post it. Charcoal pencil piece of my boy @_salute1 @richmondtire LS swapped e30 drift car.. Proud of my dawg and how far hes come with this car & his driving. Its dope to see him stay down with his vision & now hes doing his thing!
Just completed this charcoal pencil portrait of my son.. Ive been on the grind, working on becoming the best artist I can be. This is still the beginning for me, I have a lot to learn when it comes to art. Thanks to @mrelmerortz for inspiring me to ever do charcoal & thanks for all the game you g...
With the homie @wheeliepig keeping it lit for Jeff today Cant believe its already been a year.. We miss you Jeffro
Just finished up this charcoal pencil piece for @hoodriich.flakoo11 with his Camaro & club logo This one was a challenge but Im learning a lot as I go. Lmk what yall think in the comments, I appreciate the feedback! #yngstr #charcoaldrawing #art #yngstrink #tattooapprentice #hoodlums #hoodlumsc...
Just finished up this charcoal pencil piece for the homegirl @v1.moore @realproject707 Check her out shes been doing her thing for a while now.. I love to see everyone grinding & growing. This is the second car Ive ever done so let me know what yall think? I always appreciate everyones feedback ...
Getting ready to knock out Cryptos first breeding!! Big thanks to @_doverstbullies_ for all of your help and knowledge along the way, appreciate yall.
Sunday the 23rd make sure yall pull up on us! Some of the homies and I are putting together a pop up event. Come out and chill, check out some cool cars, meet some new people, cop some dope merch, and grab some good food. Cant wait to see everyone out there #yngstr
Another one. Im in here every day getting better. What yall think, does this eye look real? #yngstr #tattooapprentice #roughridetattooparlor #charcoal #art #drawing #charcoaldrawing #artist #sketch #artwork #portrait #charcoalart #pencil #artistsoninstagram #draw #charcoalpencil #sketchbook #penc...
First time seeing my brother @jaime_jaim in over 3 years.. WE BACK!!
I remember sitting in your garage at the el sobrante house when I told you my idea for my brand YNGSTR. You told me you didnt think it was gonna work, not hating at all it was just your honest opinion at the time. I kept pushing it tho and we printed the very first YNGSTR tees in that garage. You...