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Purple mood lighting at the recording studio for queen Alyssa Preston! (Go watch our fun new behind the scenes video on my YouTube now, you fortunate soul. )
I truly had THE BEST TIME working with @garrettclayton1 and @alyssampreston theres a new video full of us laughing together as proof! (at youtube.com/whitneyavalon #) #behindthescenes #BTS #bloopers #comedy #musicvideo
Delighted to voice Dorothy Parker in episode 8 of Shipwrecked Comedy's The Case of the Greater Gatsby, out now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to funny historical mystery series! #figandford #greatergatsby #comedypodcast #filmnoir
I bought this deliciousness from Maui Kuia Estate Chocolate @mauichocolate, a wonderful working cacao farm and chocolate factory located in Lahaina, Hawaii. As they rebuild after the #Maui fire, it's a perfect time to treat yourself - you're helping a sustainable local business, which also donat...
If your day hasn't yet contained a beautifully-animated Medusa singing, go to youtube.com/whitneyavalon for 3 minutes of enchantment. ( in )
Want a signed postcard + more fun music? https://patreon.com/whitneyavalon
Betcha cant guess where I was this weekend (Always such fun to see WTF 2020s on a biiiiig screen! #filmmaker)
WTF 2020s won Best Music Video at @ciff_nv, screened at Academy Award-qualifying @clefilmfest, and will screen at Academy Award-qualifying @cinequestorg in San Jose/Mountain View CA August 20 11:45am & August 25 7:15pm! (I plan to be there 8/25.) The whole crew and I couldn't be more honored tha...
I made my first vlog ever! 13+ jam-packed minutes showing my 6-day adventure at Cordillera International Film Festival in Reno and Lake Tahoe. To watch, join at https://patreon.com/whitneyavalon where you'll also get access to a fun community and hundreds of exclusive past posts.(It's a particul...
This strike is serious, but we can still have fun while walking the picket line. #SAGAFTRAstrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #PayYourActors #PayYourWriters #NoAI #UnionStrong #WGAstrike
I was already having a fantastic time at Cordillera International Film Festival, then they awarded WTF 2020s Best Music Video and my smile overtook my entire face!!! So honored on behalf of the whole team who created it with me. (And more photos from the rest of the fest soon!)
Randomly wore a dress the same color as @JonyRicker's suit to his and @slowpez8's wedding extravaganza! Lauren & Joey are THE BEST and so was their big event weekend. Wed already danced for 3 solid hours before I grabbed a photo with the bride. I love these kind, talented, hot, hilarious human...