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Living in Rome Painting mainly flowers and faces and ladies in flowery dresses Teaching online art courses Join my mailing list
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I havent been on here for a few weeks. Probably wont be for another few. Having a break for a bit. Just making it official so I dont feel obliged.
Fresh off the press. Big burst of autumnal happiness - with shiny bits.#abstractfloral#mixedmediaart #floralpainting
6 sketchbooks. One for portraits, one for Tuscany, one for landscapes, one for abstract flowers, one for flowers in vases and one for whatever. I like seeing them all together because even though theyre all done at different times, following different themes, theyre pretty consistent style/colou...
Ive got so many half-finished sketchbooks. I dont even remember when I started (and abandoned) this one. Its got some pretty, collaged florals in vases in it. #flowercollage #looseflorals #mixedmediacollageart #floralsketch
Filled in my blank page. Forgot to record it. #abstractlandscape #concertinasketchbook #landscapeartclub #landscapepainting
More landscapery. Playing with light. .#tuscanlandscape #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape #tuscanylovers #landscapeartist
More sketchbooky stuff. Im just getting ready to send my newsletter, talking about the conflict between niching down (doing your thing) and opening up to new experiences (like this sketchbook) - and how you can (and should) do both simultaneously. Join my mailing list! .#sketchbookartwork#artistl...
I just finished a whole sketchbook. In a few days. I was so inspired by my recent visit to Tuscany. It has everything I want to paint - from the crowds of visitors to the patchwork landscapes to the architectural details - just layer upon layer of gorgeous shapes, colours, patterns and textures....
Just a small selection of my floral paintings. Can you guess how many techniques/materials are in there? Thats a rhetorical question. I cant either. Its a lot though. Im sending out my weekly newsletter at 3.00 CET! Ive received such a lovely response to my last few emails and its honestly a plea...