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Picture your perfect location? Meet Landmannalaugar, the most colourful place in Iceland ! Here is a quick video I took of this placeThanks @joseramosphotography @michaelhochfellner for all the advices!Video taken with @djiglobal #mavic3 #pastel #colourful #mavic #drone #highlands #iceland #gru...
Deep dive into the volcano! Can you find Frodo?#iceland #volcano #dji #drone #lava #dronestagram #beautiful #picoftheday #island #hiking #instagood #sicily #mountains #photooftheday #naturephotography #travelphotography #adventure #etna #love #landscape #photography #travel #nature #drones #drone...
Happy Earthday with 10 Bull sharksThis post is about celebrating our oceansOnly three days ago I was going into one of the craziest adventure. Dive with bull sharks in the South Pacific Ocean. I joined this dive trip organised by marine biologists and divers who study and advocate for the protec...
Always mesmerised by the stunning Sakura blossoms in Japan. Nature truly knows how to paint the world with its beauty. Those photo were taken during my last trips in Japan #sakura #tokyo # #sunsetlovers #japan #narutoshippuden #itachi #sasukeuchiha #sasusaku #sakuraharuno #naruhina #sarada #minat...
Did you know that whales help reduce carbon in the atmosphere and contribute to the oxygen we breathe? I was an honor to have the possibility to capture those video during my stay in Greenland.About whales and their importance: Phytoplankton, which whales stimulate growth of, are responsible for ...
Gliding through the Arctic waters, surrounded by the breathtaking sight of hundreds of icebergs, each one a unique masterpiece carved by nature herself. The stillness of the sea only interrupted by the crackling sounds of icebergs. Capturing these moments was no easy feat - braving the cold, slip...
Natures symphony This photo captures a moment of pure awe and wonder. Behind the waterfall, the world seemed to stand still as the auroras danced above. Its an incredibly rare and unique sight to see auroras from this waterfall cave, as the view is usually pointed south and the auroras are typic...
Gigantic Solar storms It's hard to put into words just how breathtaking it was to witness the auroras during a G2 solar storm in Iceland. This photo near Hofn speaks for itself - the vibrant colors of the Northern Lights, the towering mountain, and the calm waters come together to create a truly ...
Soaring Above Greenland: A Stunning Drone Adventure Soar above glaciers, fjords, and endless miles of untouched wilderness with this stunning drone footage Those photos, taken from the sky, showcases the incredible beauty of the glaciers of Illulissat as they make their way to the ocean. Upside...
Happy new year!AntarcticaProbably my main photo highlight of 2022 was to head back to Antarctica with sir Robert Swan and @2041foundation. So many great things came out of it, like @2041schools who aims at educating youngster on climate change and renewable energy. Going to Antarctica is like vis...
Snow in London just before Christmas is probably the best gift this year! Seeing every faces across London lightning up, throwing snowballs, making snowmans was just amazing. Its really rare to see that much snow in LondonI went from diner to record a fun video :) shot with my trusty @leicauk Q...
Film preview Like Comment Save Share with a friend and follow to not miss any updates Been editing hard a film related to my recent expedition in Antarctica and Greenland, Vanuatu and Tonga - a lot to talk about whales sustainability and our planet. it is to say that after years of recording,...