Wendell "UTK" Nelson

Genius mind from Leimert Park Tyler Perry Studios Post Production Audio Editor Husband of Reefotos Father of Hope Xander FGTBD FGTBD2
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Co-Creator of Mortal Kombat / Injustice..... Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios. We make games with Ninjas and SuperHeroes.
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It's a @disneyonice type of night!!! A special treat to congratulate the babies Hopie and Zuri for trying out for their 1st grade cheerleading squad! We love our princesses #Family #GreatTimes #Disney #Princesses #IceSkating #FGTBD @UniverseTheKing @ReeFoToS @tredrumz86
For all you @mortalkombat fans out there here's a recap of the @mortalkombatmovie I did a few years ago!!! I feel like this is so dope that @noobde should add me to the next DLC as a playable character lol..Enjoy!#MortalKombat1 out now so go get it!!! #Fatality #MortalKombatRap #MortalKombatMovie...
Its picture day and our beauty gets what she wants because shes the best girl in the whole wide world. I asked baby how do you want me to do your hair? She responds Flatiron please! ok So blessed to be her Mommy. #myminime Yes @a_luree and @alecat86 Ill send you guys pics so I dont get in troubl...
Ayooooo this nigga @ryandaviscomedy is a BEAST!!! It's one thing to post funny vids on social media but to get on stage and KILL IT is next level! Salutations #WhoTheHellIsRyanDavis #Comedy
Alphabet Date Night: C = Comedy Show@ryandaviscomedy LIVE in ATL Side note: I fucking LOVE my wife mannnnnnn I swear married life is the best life!!! #BlackLove #RealLove #CrenshawLove #SHAW4LIFE I love you @reefotos #MarriedLife #Goals #CouplesGoals #BlackExcellence
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson
Gone but never forgotten #NH #NipseyHussle #TheGreat #Crenshaw #Legend#FlashBackFriday This pic is from the NH tribute video shoot. It was def an emotional song and video for me because Nip meant more to the Crenshaw district than the world will ever know. It wasn't because of his music, it was b...
cripmacc_ + @the103brand + @funkin_ashwhole + @universetheking + @proaktive103 #BattleOfTheBay @gtxbattles #Westcoast #Legendary
Celebrating #50YearsOfHipHop with a small glimpse into some DOPE moments I've experienced. Blessings #HipHop50 #HipHop #Legendary #RIPNipesyHussle #RIPGIJoe @craftsyndicate @zaytovenbeatz @_tgifly @tip @richforever @slinkjohnson @betmusic @ikilledfritz @tbpnetwork @drdre @daylytofficial @proakti...
Day 3 with Mommy & Daddys princess. Yall gonna get sicca me! Lol. We just love her soooooo much
1st day of 1st graaaaade!!! We are so excited and proud of our baby girl She will also be enrolling in the Talented and Gifted program this year. The future is yours my love
Alphabet Date Night - K - KaraokeTrap Karaoke to be exact #DateNight #MarriedLife #TrapKaraoke @reefotos @trapkaraoke