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I wrote that over 10 months ago. Sometime in September of 2021. At that time, I would have never thought possible what has happened since then. I have only shared this with people in scenarios that allowed for intimate 1-on-1 conversation. But due to the recent absurd events, and in line with wha...
MY RIDE OR DIEOh boy the ups and downs and all arounds.Remember playing mail man as kids?! Remember riding bikes? Remember digging your nails into my arm when I pissed you off that much?! Remember when I was a crazy person and threatened calling the cops on your after prom party?! LOLRemember bei...
Thank you to @micah_hamilton and @evanjschneider for their amazing work on capturing years and years of blood, sweat and tears. Thank you to all the people who have helped and believed in The Warehaas, now Second Space, and in me. I am eternally grateful. This list of names is too long to write o...
Post 1 of 2:One of the hardest things to deal with for a visionary/ entrepenuer/ creative is being able to seeeeee what they are working on in its fullest potential. We LIVE in it, can smell and taste and walk through what we are working on as if it were fully developed. I think it is one of our ...
Post 2 of 2:Patience. Patience. PATIENCE.It hasnt been five years since I started, and there is still a LOT of work to be done, but I am writing this from the other side. It is a realization that has had me write and rewrite a lot of these sentences over and over again. Its hard to believe most d...
THIRTY THREE!What a place to be at thirty three.I wish I could embolden, italicize, emojify, magically make my words say and feel how they are flowing from my heart right now. Maybe one day when technology catches up.Until then, what I mostly mean is that this man just turned 33.This is Sandon. W...
This is my mom. She turned 60 today but by God she looks 45._With ALL my heart I love her. I am grateful for all the ways she has made me who I am today and even more grateful for how much my future wife and future kids are going to be blessed by the man she has helped me become._I love you mom. ...
my favorite part _Link in bio
You all know of New York from what I have posted here and from what others @thewarehaas has posted, but how well do you truly know him? Did you know he has incredible talent? That he is full of wisdom?_Click the link in my bio (https://vimeo.com/265479855/3b2714ac3a) and watch an incredible short...
I realized tonight that Austin vividly reminds me of God. Sometimes it is as though he is an Angel, given to me as a constant reminder that I am not alone on this planet.Theres no where I can go that he isnt also there by my side. If he isnt by my side, he is trying to be. Wishing he could be.He ...