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Mama Bear and her baby boy
My new Artist Tee Shade is out now for @sullenclothing tap the link in their bio! Introducing Shade a unique, mysterious design thats sure to make a statement. Capturing all the beauty of the night sky and a bright rose, this t-shirt stands out from the crowd. Featuring a girl holding a knife wh...
So many arent emotionally intelligent. Vulnerability is strength not weakness. They dont know how to process their emotions and communicate them in a healthy and intelligent way. They continue to repeat their patterns that sabotage their authentic self and continue the toxic cycle in our society....
INDIVIDUALITY: To keep your authenticity in a World where your self image is the role you are playing that thrives on approval, is deeply powerful. Be who you truly are because its your masterpiece. Thats how we heal individually from this oppressive System that is designed to create carbon copie...
It was a special day on the tracks of San Juan for Fathers Day!
About to head out and was feeling myself, so I decided to take my very rare selfie. I shaved my head and it was a very cleansing experience, so I felt like reflecting about how the last couple of years have been hard on all of us. For me, I got back in a situation that I thought would be differen...
Had to give a shoutout to my military buddy @joseph_pfeiffer We both went through basic and technical training together. We both signed an oath to protect this Country and the Constitution from our enemies foreign and domestic. My job was mainly to protect our primary resources like nuclear bombs...
Im doing a run for STAY THE COURSE prints for Xmas at 20% off. If you would like a high quality watercolor paper 18x24 print for $80 which includes shipping, please send payment via PayPal at tybredart@gmail.com or Venmo at Tyler Bredeweg and leave your shipping address! #americantraditional #lo...
Post worthy #leo #heartofalion #neverconform #courage
The experiment of humanity has failed. Whats happening right now is living proof. We are experiencing a shift of tides that only the strong, empathetic and enlightened will survive. The rest will suffer in the lies they were taught by The Oligarchy all in the name of pride, greed and supremacy. W...
TAKE THIS Its simple. The deeper you feel. The harder it hurts.If you would like a high quality 18x24 print of TAKE THIS please send $100 to my PayPal at tybredart@gmail.com or my Venmo at Tyler Bredeweg and leave your shipping address. I want to thank everyone who has stuck around during my heal...