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Keep smiling . No matter the weather , or regulations. Keep smiling
Packaged ganja is taking over . Deli style is beginning to get phased out . Branding and Safety the two major reasons packaged ganja is becoming predominant.
Pop in
When times are tough, we gotta keep planting seeds.
#flashback to our first full sun outdoor we ran in Oklahoma. It's crazy how much has changed in the state in the few years medical has been legal. Now the state's trying to reign in an out of control industry, and they're gonna make it a lot harder for a lot of people.
What's the fastest you've ever grown mushrooms? If it's under 5 days we'd be pretty impressed! That's what we were able to achieve with @Northsporemushrooms Spray & Grow kits. Opening the box to harvesting these Golden Oyster mushrooms took just 5 DAYS. Check out the full video on the Cultivate Y...
With a name like PFR-97, you know you're dealing with a serious pest control product. PFR-97 is a naturally occurring fungus for the control of a wide range of devastating pests, ideal for organic production or within an IPM program to combat resistance. Paecilomyces fumosoroseus, the active ingr...
Could your plants survive this? It still amazes me just how much stress and abuse this plant can take and still thrive. @golddustfarms does some next level plant training! @golddustfarms
Its a seedie state .
Trellis might be a pain in the ass when harvest rolls around, but at least it has some dual uses! How do you dry your harvest?
If you've ever grown mushrooms, you've likely seen something similar to this before! Contamination is extremely common in mushroom cultivation, and it's easy for an entire grow to get tossed out from one simple issue. All 4 of these Spray & Grow fruiting blocks from @Northsporemushrooms were open...
You don't see a leaf structure like that too often these days. Extra credit if you can guess the strain!@mountainorganics