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Salmon season is in full swing here in the PNW, as Colby Mesick confirms in this sweet clip. Ive been learning to tie my own flies recently and catching fish on my own creations has been so rewarding. Aint that the truth!Video: @colbias_funke
Volume Fifteen, Issue One exists and is now shipping towards all our lovely subscribers, supporting fly shops and retailers.Back independent print and fall into your own subscription today because #printsmellsbetterthaninstagram. Find a link in our profile to sneak a peek, browse web exclusives o...
Please enjoy this compilation of bowfin eats and releases from David Hurley, its bonkers. Clear, freshwater alt-species flats fishing at its finest. Video: @davehurl
A large male marble trout cruising behind some limestone rocks, a common sight during the winter season in Slovenias Soa Valley. From Marcus Sies and Ben Laschets @benjaminlaschets feature on Slovenias Action Plan for Marble Trout in Volume Fourteen, Issue Two.Photo: Marcus Sies @marcus.sies
Look out down below! @gsftz keeps a close eye on his toes while the underwater Puget Sound circle of life plays out in realtime. Video: @calambokidis
Carter Davidson @ggpfilms gets in some final casts before kitchen duty on the Colorado River, a few days into an 18-day rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. We managed to keep all the rafts upright and the rods unbroken, but sadly the straw hat didnt make it.From Volume Fourteen, Issue Three. P...
Get lost or found with this slow motion smallmouth suspension of disbelief. This fish was a day saver, as the fish we were after(carp) were being carp and playing disappearing acts. Thankfully, a few of these smallies helped wipe the skunk off for the day. Video: Copi Vojta
Some can go a whole season without a sea trout in the Stockholm Archipelago. James Lund shook the skunk off on this morning, with some well-deserved stoke provided by Jonas Emanuelsson @troutisall.From Duncan Philpotts photo essay, Looking to the Next Thing, A Swedish Sea Trout Interlude in Volum...
Whats the saying Hate to see you go, but love to watch you swim away or something like that? Elias Petur Thorarinsson does exactly that with this gin clear release. Video: @eliaspeturth
All Rise (AFYM).323.SSP. @vksteelworks homemade hooks and artistic flies tied to them are beautifully fascinating creations. Fish out a copy of Volume Eleven, Issue One for a gallery featuring a range of his flies and sculptures. Video: Val Kropiwnicki
Our fourth night wading this untamed beach had yielded nothing but a steady stream of blood leaking from my right heel, the rich plasma broadcasting my presence to patrolling sharks like an overzealous waiter trying to sell the evening special.Dylan Roses feature Endless Dopamine...
Just a slight breeze and a little light rain, no big deal. @saunders.flyfishing and @millskills sample the goods in Iceland. Video: @saunders.flyfishing