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Ethical elephant experiences + Chai Lai Orchid ecolodge in Thailand. Charity @daughtersrisingthailand #chailaiorchid
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BANGKOK exploring the big smoke, and its been so good catching up and seeing the city with a friend from home @ziggy_ziya
Pai - the cute little hippie town in northern Thailandat times, it kinda felt like I was walking around at a festival If you love any of the following, add Pai to your bucket lista slow pace of life being in nature with huge rolling hills all around you beautiful temples an over all chill atmo...
Here is a favourite Asian inspired dish of mine that I love to make when Im home. I think one of the reasons I love it so much, is Aaron does the cooking and I just have to do the chopping. And of course, it tastes delicious. It uses a few cheats to make life easier - like the bag of slaw and als...
Neng Earthen Jar Roast Pork, Chiang Mai.This place was @migrationology recommended and what a spot! I cant believe the entire meal with drinks (water, Thai ice tea & mango smoothie) was $16 NZD. Every single dish was 10/10! We ordered the crispy pork medium (100 B / $4.70 NZD), 1/2 chicken (80 B ...
I keep having I could live here moments. Falling in love with Chiang Mai #chiangmai #thailand #thailandtravel #travel #travelblogger
Leos 11th Birthday with the elephants | PART 1 It was already emotional with Aaron in the hospital and not being able to spend this time with us (see Thailand Story highlight if you missed the background to that) - hes getting better, but has another few days there. But Aaron wanted us to continu...
You dont come to Singapore to get skinny Our last trip here we ate mostly at Hawker Centres. This time we stayed on Orchard Road did a lot of shopping & exploring in the area so ate at malls etc. As well as a few Hawker Centres too. Heres just a few things weve had hereMaxwell Food centre - poss...
A month in Indonesia has flown by, and as our first stop, its been a chance to recharge and reset our minds. If I could choose just one highlight it would be Gili Air. One of the most magical places Ive ever been to and if I could go back tomorrow, Id be there in a heartbeat. I had many firsts on...
So we had a week total on Nusa Lembongan - with 2 days of rain, so didnt get out as much on those days. But here are a few other gems we found while here: ACCOMMODATION AMORA HUTS - the first location we stayed at, and was a little family run business. They were so lovely and helpful and we reall...
Our favourite spots in Nusa Lembongan so far...FOODGINGER & JAMU - loved the food there. I had snapper and sweet potato fitters and a big salad, so yummy and freshSAMBALI RESTURAUNT LEMBONGAN - a little family-run Warung. The first night I had barramundi with a red curry sauce, and I went back th...
We love you Gili Air - the island vibration was a rhythm we instantly connected to. We made life long memories and met some beautiful peoplea piece of our hearts will remain there. Until we return
Early morning is my favourite time of day here. When the streets are quiet, locals sweeping their business and temples - I love the sound of their straw brooms scratching against the concrete, the constant hum of scooters, the birds, and the sweet smell of insense burning from the first offerings...