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1. @lilyachty 2. Big cameras in LA streets3. Yachty BTS 4. @uvtagency 5. My brother @directorcurt 6. @gracey + @thechainsmokers 7. @hudhop at my 30th birthday sunset hike. 8. Getting stepped on9. missing a putt 10. New project
Feeling grateful for the people I get to work with and meet. This past month has been a perfect work life balance. Excited to be cranking out some edits to share on here with everyone this month.
Mixing cameras with the worlds highest bouncing ball. @aerobieofficial
THIS IS EPISODE 11 of Last Week Being My Own Boss If youre living in a big city and you feel like youre not leveling up. Create a note in your phone and title it Why *insert your city name here*Mine says Why LA and every time I travel back to LA I ask myself what is the purpose and focus this com...
Making a list of people Im blast texting when Im going on trips. Hit me in comments or text me if you want me to hit you up this season. @storquest #makeroomforawesome
Trips back to New York always have me thinking back to the crazy projects and times Ive been able to be apart of. This BTS somehow fell through the cracks in the midst of the craziness of helping making content to launch TCS4 where we made 8 videos for @thechainsmokers to launch with. This was by...
Always a blast hanging out with @leticiabufoni and riding @seadoo. This time we got to bring a small team out to Les world in Lake Havasu.
Reminded myself today to look back at whats been accomplished and learned. My younger self would be proud. Shocked and proud. You cant make this stuff up. Thanks to everyone whose ever rallied with me over the years.
Ep. 10 Last Week Being My Own Boss Ive talked about this a little before but the hardest part about touring is not slowing down enough to see any of the places you visit. And then when you do choose to stay behind its extremely scary, youre on your own, you have work to do and there isnt a tour m...
A few days of saying wait what. #burningman
Feeling grateful for the ability to go this wild human experiment. Video tomorrow. Photos explained below. 1. Friends - my goal this year was to see more friends.2. Swing I thought was dumb turned out to be extremely fun.3. Diplo b2b francis mercier - best night of the week. 4. Camped with Inflat...
EP. 5 of Last Week Being Your Own Boss - this week we were in LA with some editing to do from the previous week of mayhem. Most roads out of LA were closed due to a historic storm so we decided if we were going to get stuck, might as well be somewhere epic.