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CANDY TREES! These are simple and fun to add to any holiday celebration! Im making them for a class holiday party! I just hot glued a rolo, 2 Reeses peanut butter cups, a kiss, and a bow together! It took no time and I think theyre adorable! #candytree #tree #christmastree #christmasparty #holida...
FANCY WRAPPING HACK! Take your presents from amateur to pro with this fun wrapping idea! Just some folding and taping but looks so polished! You can see how it doesnt look very good until the last few steps. Dont worry if you have part of the backside of the wrapping paper showing when you fold i...
Cheese, crackers, fruit, & pie tray for Thanksgiving! The mini pumpkin pie slice appetizers are really cheese and crackers! I paired them on a pie dessert spread for some added fun.Here is what I used: bottom crust - triscuit thins (triangle ones) pie filling - cheddar cheese cut in a triangle b...
DIY FRINGE TREES!These are similar to the yarn trees but made with fringe!Heres what you need:hot glue gun sharp scissorspaintstyrofoam conesfringemini star ornaments (optional) I glued the fringe in layers about 1 apart. The reason I painted is part of the cone can show through and its not notic...
DIY YARN CHRISTMAS TREES! My fav DIY every year! These would be great decor for yourself but would also make a thoughtful gift! Im sticking some in baskets for teacher gifts. You can customize them to be any color which is why I make new ones every year to match my decor. Comment shop for all the...
HALLOWEEN BAT TREATS! One last Halloween share before the big night! Are you ready? These quick, easy to create, bat treats can be made with mini donuts or Oreos. Both use Oreos for the wings and candy eyes. Just use icing or melted chocolate to stick the eyes on! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #halloweenpart...
HALLOWEEN DRINKS - watch until the end! Sharing 3 options (for adults & kids) with these spooky syringes to spice it up!OPTION 1 - add 1oz cranberry vodka to syringe & fill cup with sprite. Can add vodka to sprite or drink as a shot and use sprite as a chaserOPTION 2 - (kid friendly) add grenadin...
GHOST CUPCAKES! Super easy to make Heres how:Prepare a box cake mix according to directions. Pour into cupcake liners. Make small foil balls to place on the outside of cupcake liners to make them most ghost shaped (than round). Bake, add white icing to make a ghost shape, then black icing eyes. ...
CARAMEL APPLE BITES! I shared a caramel apple bar idea a few reels back but if you want a bite size option these are for you! Super easy to make! Use a pretzel as the base. Put a Rolo candy on the pretzel and stick in the oven for a few minutes until soft. Add your sliced apple with a toothpick. ...
SPOOKY SKELETON COFFEE! I saw this idea from @kailochic and had to try it! I just added milk to the mold, froze, and added to some iced coffee! Isnt it SPOOKtacular? I tried a coffee creamer at first and it didnt freeze as well as the milk. To shop these items comment coffee and Ill send the link...
MINI CARAMEL APPLE BAR! Caramel apples are a fall favorite but sometimes you dont want an entire one, ya know? This mini setup has apple slices with caramel and your favorite toppings! The best part is you can do different toppings for each slice and have a little bit of everything! We did this ...
HALLOWEEN BARK! Easiest recipe ever, not to mention BOOtiful! Just melt chocolate (I used melting chips but could use chocolate chips) and spread on some wax paper on a cookie sheet. I used white chocolate to make little dots then a toothpick to make the itty bitty ghosts tails. Used black sprink...