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Some @leejeans @leejeanseurope white or off white jeans different age from 70-irs to now found during the pre sorting.Watch ouut the jerky leather patch on the last pic after washing the jeans really hot in boiling water @lee101official
Im airing out the amazing natural faded raw denim gear from @kingyuyiu (his own custom designed blue jeans and denim jacket) and the loaned items from @bjoernmangelsdorf (@leejeans @rgt @ironheartdenim without the @onidenimco jeans on this pic) and always keeping them on a hanger to not getting ...
Did you ever saw a 70-ies USA made Lee blue jeans with a darker right hand twill at the front side and a lighter left hand twill at the back side and waist band?I just found this during the pre sorting.Any infos about this style? @lee101official @polhoutkamp Swipe for more pics @leejeanseurope @l...
Some growing greencast patina seen on an old @nudiejeans Grim Tim blue jeans found during the pre sorting in the Jeansroom last DecemberThis can happen when kept with many other jeans in a completely full box and stored in a humide surrounding for a long time
The first trying on of the @ironheartdenim x @swissjeansfreak 14 oz collab jeans during the 21st IH party at the @ironheartgermany denim store in Hamburg almost 3 weeks ago.Theyre feeling very comfi and they could become my second skin in the next year for the Y4 of @indigoinvitational
What kind of brand should this copy?Found during the pre sorting
I found again a @nudiejeans leftover pants from the @goteborgmanufaktur I got during my visit of the Nudiejeans Headquarter in Goteborg Sweden 7 years agoI always admire the repair and recycling program of this brand which should work for all denim brands as well
13 @atelierladurance_official blue jeans an 7 denim jackets from @stefanknuist Netherlands arrived at the Jeansmuseum several years agoI really love this french raw denim brand a lot and its too sad that they dont exist anymore
I found 2 raw denim blue jeans in my mail box 2 days ago. Thanks so much for the donation and let me know in case you see this post so I can say thank you!!!Swipe for more detail pics.The @nudiejeans are the old Regular Ralf and the @edwineurope @edwin_japan cut offs are an ED 47
Our 21st anniversary party at @ironheartgermany was a weekend packed full of memorable moments, none more so than this reunion between two heavyweights of the selvedge scene - Ruedi Karrer, aka @swissjeansfreak and Iron Heart Boss, @harakisan.This is Ruedi wearing his brand new IHxSJW jeans for t...
sageseesmore artikel jaya 23oz spesial anniversary 11th
Whenever youre in Hamburg, dont miss to stop by at the @stufffinegoods raw denim store with a very nice raw denim brand selection from Japan and the USA and other great stuffSwipe for more pics from the store which I visited last weekend